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Discontinued of Toyota supras?

Why did they discontinue making toyota supras? They're a really nice car.

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    Also called Toyota Celica Supra

    Production Apr 1978[1]–2002

    Assembly Tahara, Aichi, Japan, Toyota City, Aichi, Japan (Motomachi plant)

    Predecessor Toyota 2000GT

    Class Sports car

    Grand tourer

    Body style 2+2 fastback,[2][3]

    GT hatchback[2][3]

    Layout Front-engine, rear-wheel drive

    Theirs a crazy rumour going around about a BMW/Toyota Supra in the works much like the Toyo 86/Subaru venture. Except probably not affordable like the 86

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    Shy is right except by 1998, the Twin Turbo version of the Supra was close to $50,000. $40,000 was entry level non-turbo models. That put it in the price range of the Corvette. The Supra was more reliable, had an amazing design, and was every bit as capable, but I'm willing to bet that most us have dreamed of owning a Vette at one time or another. Also, emissions standards in some states ( here in California in particular) were hurting the Supra too. If you look around, you'll notice that most post-1995 Supra Turbos are automatics. Emissions played a big role in this too. I used to work for Nissan Motor Corporation and I saw the 300ZX go away for the same reasons. I remember that starting price on the Base Z was $39,000 without options in 1996. In fact, 1996 was the death of all the Japanese high performance cars except the Supra- which Toyota decided to hold on to until 1998. High price, low demand, and emissions killed them all here in the States. BTW, I gave Shy thumbs up.

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    The first Supra debuted in 1979 and was known as the Celica Supra. But my favorite ones were the 4th generation ones that came with the 3.0 twin turbocharged motor. These has a whopping 320HP & 315lbs of torque. But to answer your question. This car was discontinued because there was not enough demand to make this car profitable. Because this car was too expensive for its class. At the time of discontinuation in 1998, this car was $40,000.00 same as the RX-7 when it was discontinued.

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