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Insect Identification?

Small insect, about the size of a bean seed. It's shaped almost like a teardrop and has four wings, two small and two large. Only the two large ones are visible at most times. It looks similar to a Tibicen Linnei Cicada, but much smaller. Does anybody now what this bug might be?

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    To me, the insects that look most like cicadas are leafhoppers or spittlebugs. Leafhoppers come in quite a variety of colors (and to some degree, shapes, since there are some that resemble thorns). Spittlebugs are the ones that make what looks like foam on a stem of a plant. To bad you didn't take a photo of it, that might have help to ID it.

    You can look through the links below to see if any look like what you saw - the superfamily and all taxa below show some sample photos of the insects within that group, so if you see something that looks similar, click on the blue link above that group of photos (be warned, there are lots of photos!). And be sure to look through all the pages for a group (page numbers are shown at the bottom of the page).

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