some pregnancy questions?

I have a few questions if you can answer one that's awesome if you can answer all that's awesome TOO lol so here we go....some background information:

I am 36 weeks and 2 days pregnant, is my first full term pregnancy (one miscarriage in 2011) I went to the doctor on weds and was told my daughter is very very low and my cervix is very soft...

I have been having some very watery discharge so i am not sure if that is normal but a lot of people are telling me it is.

I started having slight cramps yesterday BUT that is to be expected right? okay to the questions...

#1) Last night i woke up around 2 am to go to the bathroom and when i stood up i had a lot of pressure pushing down (down there and in my butt) this is the first time i have ever experienced this. this happen three times through the night i would have to go to the bathroom and would have the feeling i had to go but nothing is that normal?

#2) I have very bad heart burn in the night like very bad acid reflex where i will wake up and start coughing up .is prilosec good to take?

if you are using it how do you recommend it? is it good to take?

#3) I'm looking at bottles for a nursing mom. i plan to breast feed but i know she will need a bottle eventually what would you recommend.I am looking at a bottle that she wont get attached to and prefer over breast feeding.

#4) what car seat brand do you recommend for a newborn?

Thank you for talking the time and reading and answering i really appropriate it =)

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    I have a ton of info about car seats.

    The safest car seat is one that fits your child, your vehicle and is used correctly each and everytime. However, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommendations say that a properly used rear facing car seat is always safer than a properly used forward facing car seat. The AAP also recommends that children ride rear facing until they are at least age 2 and here is why:

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    and here is a study published in Pediatrics:

    There are two types of car seats that you can get for a newborn baby. One type is an infant car seat that comes with a base and a carrier. The base is installed in the vehicle and the carrier can be clicked in and out. Infant seats typically last anywhere from 6 months to 18 months of use. Some infant car seats advertise that they go up to 30 or 35 lbs rear facing, however these car seats will be outgrown by height before the child hits the weight limit because these car seats have short shells. I would get an infant car seat if you live in a cold climate, just because it is very convenient to have a warm car seat for a baby. It is also nice to have baby all buckled up with blankets over the harness. (All car seat manufacturers prohibit the use of aftermarket products such as car seat covers including bulky winter coats. This is because these were not crash tested and the coat will compress will compress in a crash, leaving the harness very loose on the child).

    Another type of car seat that you can get for a newborn is a convertible car seat. These car seats stay installed in the vehicle and it is the next step after the infant car seat (if you choose to get one). A convertible car seat can be used for a newborn provided that the harness straps can be adjusted at or slightly below your baby's shoulders. Some convertibles have the lowest available slots too high for a newborn. This means that the lowest set up harness strap slots need to be low enough to fit your baby's torso. Slots less than 7-8 inches will fit a full-term newborn.

    Also, some convertibles come with infant inserts that you place either under or on top of the cover. These are to lift the baby up for a better harness fit. Always follow the height/ weight limits on these inserts.

    Brand generally does not matter when looking for an infant car seat. Go with what you are comfortable with using and with what fits your vehicle and with your child.

    However, I would NOT recommend any Evenflo infant car seat. I don't recommend any Evenflo infant car seats because Evenflo requires their infant car seat handles to be completely behind the car seat. Evenflo also says that the handle needs to be 1 1/2 inches away from the seat in front of it. This makes this car seat very difficult to use correctly because of space issues.

    I also would also not recommend any Baby Trend infant car seat because the handle also needs to be behind the car seat. This just puts it up for potential misuse.

    I also recommend the...

    -Britax B-Safe

    -Britax Chaperone

    -Graco Snugride 30/ 32/ or 35 model

    -Chicco Key Fit 30

    -Safety 1st Onboard 35

    -Safety 1st Comfy Carry Elite (must be either Elite or Elite Plus model)

    Like I said above, infant car seats typically don't last that long, so I would get the Safety 1st Comfy Carry Elite. The Elite model is very affordable, costing only $70:

    The seat has very low slots of 5 1/4" meaning that it will fit even the tinest of babies! The only major difference between the Elite model and the Elite Plus model is that the Elite Plus model comes with an adjustable reclinable base. This makes it easier to get the proper recline angle. No matter what type of car seat you get, babies need their seat installed at a 45 degree angle to prevent their head from flopping to their chest (this will prevent baby from breathing, which isn't good).

    Convertibles that I recommend for newborns include (lowest slot height in parentheses):

    -Graco My Ride 65 (7 1/2 inches with infant insert)

    -Graco Size 4 me 70 aka Size 4 me 70 (7 1/2 inches with infant insert)

    -Cosco Scenera (6 3/4 inches)

    -Cosco Apt (5 inches)

    -Diono Radian R100 (9 inches, however there is an infant insert)

    -Diono Radian R120 or RXT model (9 inches, however there is an infant insert)

    -Peg Perego Primo Viaggio (6 1/2 inches with infant insert)

    -Maxi Cosi Pria 70 (5 inches with tinyfit)

    -Evenflo Triumph 65 (8 1/2" without infant padding, but it does come with it)

    Source(s): Car crashes are the leading cause of both disability and death for children in the United States. Statistics show that more than 95% of child safety seats are used or are installed incorrectly. That is why it is important to get your seat checked by a child passenger safety technician: Any questions regarding your installation or recommended car seats? Ask a tech here on this forum: You don't even need to register to post your question.
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    1. Yes, normal. You have a huge bowling ball sitting in your abdomen, and you'd be a miracle case if you never felt any kind of abdominal discomfort or didn't have any kind of bowel problems. It's all par for the course.

    2. Prilosec is very good to take. You could also take Tums for immediate relief, since Prilosec might take a few hours to reach max effect.

    3. I can't make any good recommendations since I haven't bottle fed a baby in about 13 years. LOL Just a hint - don't introduce bottles until baby is at least 6-8 weeks old. Make sure you get breastfeeding very well established before introducing bottles, or you will risk that baby will develop a preference to bottle over breast.

    4. Honestly, any car seat sold commercially, new in the box, has to meet federal safety standards, so quite frankly a cheapo $75 seat is going to work just as well as the big fancy pretty colored ones that cost hundreds. So just be practical and save your money.

    Source(s): RN, mom of 3
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    The pressure and feeling like you gotta go potty is normal, especially when having a contraction.

    As for heartburn I just chew tums as needed, milk should also help.

    I chose "The First Years Breastflow" bottles for my first and he did great switching b ack and forth as needed. I plan on using them again for baby #2. They require the same sucking action and effort as if they were nursing from a real breast.

    As for a carseat all have to meet the same saftey standards, some are designed to hold a child for a longer period of time, others you will have to replace more often as child grows.

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