what kind of company is dollar general to work for?

Is dollar general a good place to work

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  • 8 years ago
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    A very successful growing industry that pays little.

    Be a model worker.

    Be realistic. You are setting yourself up for failure by being tooooo narrow.

    Look for for work/career at job fairs, networking, internet, work site visits with resumees, volunteering, etc. consider your own business.

    Choose a career that helps and does not punish your family.. Be it financially, etc. Think of them first. Expect to have to support your family. If you want to help people do it for their benefit and not for your ego. Professionals help people in need more than anyone so target that if you can.

    Avoid student debt tolerance, no debt is best,, ...

    Complete thorough realistic research to achieve life sustaining income. Maybe accounting, engineering, law, medicine, computers, ....

    Pick a path where you don't start working bankrupt with debt. Don't become another casualty of the Trillion$ student debt. You must earn enough, $200k+ to support a family in a major City. Do not low ball your life and your family. If you can't find work volunteer to get in the door. Try volunteering at good potential employers and go down from there to community service, but get in anywhere and start working/networking, even if its for free.Be a model worker, no yapping, internet, cell phone..start work 30 minutes early and end work 30 minutes after day's end.

    Almost 50 million people on food stamps, ~20% of males 25 to 54 yrs not working, lowest SATs in 40 years, debt to GDP over 100%, 25% of global prison inmates with only 5% of global population, etc and whats uncle sams answer to America's problems? Corrupt political paralysis and meteroic debt plague spiking by adding a trillion dollars of debt in 2013 to criminally prop up financial markets artificially. What a mess we live in!

    America You are On Your Own. YOYO's the word. Never forget it. Take control of your own lives and ignore what ever fictonal solutions the politicians and corporate bobble heads throw around as their self-profiteering benevolence.

    Abandon obese consumer spending debt addiction culture and self enslavement. Cut your lifestyle in half or less of the destructive unrealistic American dream standard....small house or apt..one car or no car .. always have a second job cause the one you have can/will disappear ...save and invest over 50% of your income if you can .... stay with your parents....parents move in with your kids...Rent with friends...rent rooms in your home ..Live like the wage you make today could be the last you'll earn, always.

    Most of all maintain constructive positive relationships and forward planning. Have fun at it without spending money. What you are wanting to do is great but do it with a strong dose of reality and caring for your future, family and community.

  • 4 years ago

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