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How can I make my 1995 Civic lights brighter?

Hey guys, I have a 1995 Honda Civic DX and MAN do the lights ever suck! My high beams don't put out much light or go too far, and when I'm using my low beams and vehicles are passing me I feel completely blind.

I put in some PIAA's about 4ish years ago but they didn't do too much.... I've checked out the Halo Projector lights but once I researched them a lot of people seem to hate them? I also researched HID's and retrofits... I guess I just need someone to take me step by step starting cheapest way to fix this problem, maybe start out with some good light bulbs (xenon?) that aren't hella expensive and if that doesn't work what next.....

The actual headlight cover is clear, no sun damage or yellow tint so I don't think I need to replace those. Oh and also, I don't think it's the direction of my head lights cause when I bought the PIAA's a mechanic put them in and directed the light properly.

Someone please help!! Thanks so much :)

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    I see your problem, upgrading to HID is a good idea and a permanent cost effective option. DDM tuning is the website i got my HID kit from. they are very high quality and they sell so many that they can offer a very good price. (In the end this should cost you about 80-90 bucks total).

    Go to this link:

    1) Choose the 35 watt option

    2) H4/HB2/9003 Hi+Lo (Extra 20 bucks, or just get the non hi+lo one and you will only have low beam HID and save 20 bucks)

    3) 6000k

    Do not get an HID harness, do not get the error eliminator, do not get the adapter cable, you dont need any of those 3.

    (You may need the HID harness if you dont get the Hi+Lo kit, so its better to just get the Hi+Lo)

    Do get the mounting brackets.

    Cost should be 54 dollars, then about another 16ish for shipping. 70 total.

    It is an extremely easy install if you know how to do it, if not just go to a mom and pop mechanic shop and pay them 20 bucks to install it.

    Thats it, you will now have very significantly brighter headlights that will last way longer than regular bulbs.

    Also, DDM offers a great warranty, but you probably wont need it.

    Good luck!

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    ABS stands for air bag device. attempt disconecting battery cables for 5 min. somtimes this facilitates reset the computing gadget. if that does no longer paintings ,have ur battery examined loose at any vehicle zone or have the keep or keep u offered it at try it. if it comes back ok ,then it appears like u have a short in ur wireing device some the position and a dianogstics try will favor to be finished .

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