Will web design make you good money?

Ok I am new to web design and don't know a damn thing about it. I am wanting to learn all about it and see where it gets me. I figure it would go good since I like being on the computer lot and that is in the thing people like to do is go online. What I want to know is can I do best learning it on my own and make something of my own if I read, study, and follow directions. Don't know what my ideas are for the internet but I know for sure it doesn't happen over night. I got all the time I need to learn and create since I am 23 years. Of course I want to know does it make good money. I mean say you wanted to make a dating site or social site like pof or facebook. What about webcam site of that matter. I have seen these sex sites where girls perform on webcam and the company gets a cut of what they make. Like I said I am willing to learn and study. All my friends want to do is live this one day millionaire life going to clubs, smoking weed, and hoping to get laid. That is not me no more. I like to have fun but I am worried more about my future for me and my girlfriend so I can have a lot of money and possibly retire and become my own boss. So I am asking you people for help on if I should go to school or what my best move is.

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  • Kris
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    8 years ago
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    You can make decent money in web design, but it takes more than just making web pages. You have to be able to design web based apps. Making static web pages isn't going to cut it.

    As an example of how much you can make, the going rate for a ColdFusion programmer (that is a web developer who uses the ColdFusion platform) is around $40k-$80k, depending on where you're at and how much experience you have. Generally speaking these positions ask for a bachelor's degree in the job postings, but they also take your portfolio and experience into account.

    There are, of course, other focuses within the field of web design. I use ColdFusion as an example because I'm a ColdFusion programmer and therefore know how much you can make in this area of the field.

    As for how you can learn, it's not a difficult field to learn. You could probably teach yourself (I did), but you'll have a much easier time finding a job or jobs if you have a degree. Don't count on making your living off of your own website. That's like winning the lottery: it's possible, but for everyone who wins there are thousands who lose. If you're serious about having a stable income for the future and you want to do it in web design, you're going to be working for someone, either a business that manages their website in house or a web design firm.

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  • Anonymous
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    Well, starting off making websites for small businesses or local charities like churches and such to get your name out there. Then, start charging. Calculate what it's worth. Charge what you need. Remember you have a lot of competitors out there online that will give small businesses tools make their website on their own! You have to provide what those sites don't! I've been doing it for 5 years and I'm still learning!

  • j90s
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    8 years ago

    Hell no.

    I'm in the creative industries at the moment. Unless you do 2493234 websites a day, it doesn't make much money. Most people can do it, or learn to do it themselves, and it doesn't take much skill or effort. I'd pick another subject. I studied webdesign (dreamweaver, flash, aftereffects) and the coding to go with it, and swapped to animation and graphic design, which I'm not making much more money, but it's slightly better. It's still absolute rubbish - I'm doing administration and computing next year. I'd move to another thing....

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