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Okay, I'll try to make it short. In 2006, when I was 18, my friend let me use a credit card to get gas and it was his girlfriend's card..her parents got mad her boyfriend had it and pressed charges, and on the video it showed me using it for gas. I was charged with felony fraudulent use of a credit card (because of the amount the girl's boyfriend had spent on the card) and theft by receiving. I ended up pleading guilty to misdemeanor theft by receiving for $29 in gas. My attorney had the case sealed.

This year, I applied for Arkansas State Police and was rejected last month when they came across the sealed record. The reason I was rejected, I was told by my background investigator, was because there was a question on the application that asked if I had ever been Charged with a felony and I said no.

I know certain charges disqualify you from law enforcement, and my question is: Will a misdemeanor theft by receiving case from 2006 that was sealed, with no prior trouble whatsoever and no trouble since whatsoever, keep me from getting a job with this State Police agency?


I realize why I was disqualified, but I'd like to know if this particular charge will prevent me from Ever being able to get the position.

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  • Bruce
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    7 years ago
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    No, a misdemeanor theft would not disqualify you. The only misdemeanor that is an automatic disqualification is domestic violence. Here are the standards:

    However, you were not disqualified for the misdemeanor theft, you were disqualified for not answering the question truthfully. Regardless of any deal you made, you were still charged with a felony and should have answered "yes".

    This website has a link where you can email a recruiter. You can explain the situation, and they will advise if you can apply again.

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  • 4 years ago


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  • 7 years ago

    You lied on your application and that is an AUTOMATIC disqualification with ANY police department.

    If you would have answered truthfully you would have had a chance to explain, but since you lied that chance to explain was no longer important to them

    You will not be given the chance to re-apply with them, you are permanently disqualified

    Now the other problem you will get into is on some applications for police officers there is a question that asks if you have ever applied to another police department and if so where and what is the status of that application? You will have to says yes and that you were rejected for lying on your application. Guess what you will be disqualified from them too. If you say no they will find out you lied again.

    Your law enforcemet career is pretty much over because you tried to hide the fact you were arrested and lied about it.

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  • Erika
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    3 years ago

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