It seems that almost every very good looking famous male is accused of being gay sometime in his career?

Would you say this is due to jealousy, for the simple fact that some people still see gay as an insult?

or, is it because men see women drooling over them, get jealous, and want to ruin that -already impossible- fantasy for them?

Of course some of them are gay. Nothing wrong with that, either. But, anytime I google a hottie, "gay" is in the bar. And even if there're more gay men in Hollywood than usual, there'd still be more straight men.

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  • Bryan
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    8 years ago
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    It is usually their "pretty boy" image that encourages such thinking. Some guys such as Leonardo DiCaprio have that fresh face boyish look even into their twenties. Most men that show more concern with his looks or body becomes sexually suspect. It is an old hangover from the macho days when a man just lived his life ignoring how he looks and not taking care of himself. Men tend to favor the strong silent type thinking they are indestructible. Not as much these days. Of the people living that are over 80 years old most are women. Of the individuals that reach age 100, 80% are women. In general women pay more attention to their bodies, staying fit and looking their best.

  • GQ
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    8 years ago

    Well yes gay is still an insult and people use it out of hate to put them down. Also it is due to jealous from heterosexual guys and wishful thinking from gay guys. And then you have the stereotype that if I guy dress will and looks good he is gay. All of these reasons are why most good looking and successful guys get called gay at least once.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Jealousy in case of straight guys.

    Wishful thinking in case of gay guys.

    Frustration in case of straight girls.

    Meh .. lesbians don't care.

    Based on stereotypes and generalizations.

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