I have 50 lacs for investment. if i invest in mutual fund and sip, can i get 50-60k mnthly or 12-13% annually?

i m 19 years old n starting my carreer. is this possible to get 1% monthly or 12-13% annually return by investing in mutual fund,sip,fd in bank or reputed company or post office on long term basis. i can take risk but not much risk like stock market. can any expert help me ?

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    NSC IX Issue of post o0ffice will provide 8.9% interest after 10 years. If you want to earn more than 8.9 % interest, you have to take risk by investing in Mutual fund equity oriented scheme.

    Some portion in real estate, fixed deposits, Life insurance policy,gold in the form of Krugerrand may be considered.

    An investment of Rs 1,000 every month (between September 24, 2007 and September 21, 2012) in ICICI Prudential Discovery Fund, Reliance Equity Opportunities Fund and HDFC Mid-cap Opportunities would have earned about 18 per cent.

    IDFC Premier Equity Plan A,Kotak select focus fund,ICICI pru focussed bluechip fund are some equity oriented schmes.

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    Hi, HDFC fairness fund and Reliance growth fund are amongst few which can be performing very well. As a substitute of putting 50k at one go, invest small quantity each month. In this method you're going to be ready to take part in the highs and lows of the market. Invest only if which you could keep invested for more than 5 years.

  • 7 years ago

    Yes it it possible with moderate risk. You should divide your amount into parts and invest in debt (through FMP of mutual funds or fixed deposits), index mutual funds like nifty etf, Gold ETF and other commodities (consider around 15% of your investments not more than that), diversified mutual funds with large cap bias and midcap mutual funds with mid and small cap stock invest focus and finally dividend yield funds. You need not to invest more than 30-40 percent in equity related funds as your required rate of return is just a little more than what fixed deposits offer. You can invest mostly in debt funds to protect your capital and give stable returns and remaining in gold and equity funds to give necessary boost to your returns

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    Give me the money, only 10 lacs. I will give you 50k pm

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