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the constitution of the United states?

with the structure of the constitution of the united stats, is it clear that the civil war was inevitable? and why?

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    No, it was the structure of the human soul that made civil war inevitable.

    The Constitution gave free human Beings the right to secede in a legal and orderly fashion if they desired to alter their political arrangements. But the human soul, ie the deep psychology, of alpha males makes relinquishing power unthinkable. Furthermore the herd-mentality of ordinary humans makes non-conformity the ultimate sin. Thus when Adolf Lincoln demanded WAR for the insult to his male ego, the adult children who elected him not only instantly fell into line, but were honestly outraged that the South was defying the conventional wisdom of Northern society.

    Granted, similar social and psychological dynamics were at work in the South. Both sides of the conflict seem to have had a bad case of "War Psychosis", especially in the first year of the fighting. But in the end, the South WAS right. The United States Constitution was on their side, not Fedgov's.

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    Tyrrany if the majority. The north east used tarrifs on manufactured goods like farm equipment needed in the agricultural south to keep prices high and protect their industries, but refused to put tariffs on food,cotton, etc thus lowering the prices the south could get for IRS products. Basically the structure of Congress made the south an economic colony of the north. Exactly the reason the revolution was fought.

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