Is the ACC in trouble of losing more teams?

A lot of people keep rumoring that teams like FSU, Clemson, V-Tech, and NC State might be up for grabs, and Maryland already has left the conference (and has a pretty good chance of strongarming the ACC into cutting the exit fee down significantly).

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  • 8 years ago
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    I have heard that as well but the presidents of ACC schools (minus Maryland) plus Syracuse, Pitt and Louisville said that they are committed to the ACC but that could change. As of right now the Big 12 and SEC are not looking at expanding. The Big 10 has said they are just keeping an eye on what happens with conference realignment future.

    If the ACC looses more schools they know they have Cincinnati, UConn and South Florida desperate to leave the Big East and would jump at the chance to join the ACC. With that being said they could be the first conference to have 16 schools in football (17 in all other sports) if they add them now.

  • 8 years ago

    Yes and no:

    1) a few month ago rumors started surfacing that FSU and Clemson were being courted by the Big 12. In terms of money the Big 12 is a far better conference than the ACC. It would give access to the fertile Texas recruiting grounds for both Clemson and FSU and it would open up Florida big time for the Big 12. Not to mention the TV contract for a conference with Texas, OU, FSU, and Clemson would be huge.

    2) It is exactly for this reason the ACC is going to Maryland to make them pay the full $53 million exit fee. The ACC has no choice if Maryland can get out of the conference for less than FSU and Clemson will have their greenlight to make the move.

    3) Now that said the ACC is still in a far stronger position than the Big East. If Clemson and FSU were to leave say on a Monday by that Wednesday Uconn, and USF would be the newest members of the ACC.

    4) The only way I see Virginia Tech , and NC State leaving are if the Big 10 wanted to go to 16 teams. That said UNC would get the nod before NC State as they have a far larger national following

  • 6 years ago

    acc was/is a basketball conference fsu (bobby Bowden) was brought in to make acc a football conference lets find somebody who plays baseball well and make acc a baseball conference expand the acc don't sell to the highest bidder

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I don't know if they are or not. I was thinking it would be SEC, Big [whatever number after additions], ACC, and Pac [whatever number after additions].

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