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How did the movie "The Lone Gunmen" predict the bombing on 9/11 months before it happened?

I highly recommend you to watch this movie called "The Lone Gunmen" which blatantly discusses the events that later took place on 9/11. What's interesting is that this movie was released several months before the real 9/11.

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    Because every piece of media produce by these large company's is controlled and regulated. Most tv shows fallow out line scripts witch is why you see 10 of the same tv show with different characters and themes. AKA brainwash tactics. This show was released 3 months before 9/11. Even stranger then show is the dozons of pieces of media from the and 80's that depict the same thing. They have their plans set decades ahead of time. They probably built the towers for the reason of blowing them up.

    Why would you want to own the worlds largest sky scrapers?

    They wear known to be money pits.

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    Maybe the people who bombed 9/11 got the idea from watching the movie

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    Because 9/11 was actually something plotted by and done by Americans (not random citizens, they were trained obviously)

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    source of inspiration for the actual event, or...

    the subliminal idea formed in multiple people

    I'd go with the second theory

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