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chloe noel swirl or spiral?

I am allowed some skating pants for x-mas as I do get very, very cold at the rink. I shiver even when im working hard! especially when I fall, leggings get cold fast even with tights underneath. I will be skating 2/3 times a week from after Christmas. I am tall, 5,7 ish, blonde/brown hair, light skin and hazel eyes. do you think the white swirl, turquoise swirl or turquoise spiral would suit me better.I think the swirl is less common but would the white one show dirt more? do you have any and do you like them? + If you have a zuca what are they like and are they good? I have a bad shoulder and back so carrying my skates isn't great.

many thanks, Lara

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    I'd go with the turquoise swirl, I get sooo annoyed seeing girls with the spiral ALL the time. The white will, like all white things, show dirt more. I've had pink ones before, and most of the pants are the same aside from the design on them. Zuca bags can be VERY overpriced, and they can get stolen pretty easy too. They usually have a 'seat' on them, but it's very uncomfortable and useless and can break pretty easy. I see alot of skaters with the suit cases that have 4 wheels and can go any direction.

    Source(s): figure skater
  • 5 years ago

    Spiral for definite. Super standard and ahdorable!!! I just ordered some in mint/ gentle inexperienced. And i believe that could without a doubt be a wonderful color for you. In would avoid crimson and gold, with you hair colour.... And green would seem powerful. If not inexperienced, what about blue or crimson? And white would get soiled, don't get white. Skilled Chloe Noel wearer

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