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Is baldness a dominant or recessive trait?

I have super thick hair, my husband started losing his hair at 18. My mom has thick hair, my dad has a receding hairline. My husband's mom has very thin hair, and his dad is bald, but his sister has very thick hair.

How likely is it that our child will go bald at an early age? Does it make a difference is the child is a boy or girl?

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    The male pattern baldness trait is sensitive to testosterone levels. Thus, in females, it is recessive, and even homozygotes only tend to get thin hair, rather than full-on baldness. And in males, it is dominant. Only one allele is required to cause baldness, and the more testosterone you have, the balder you're going to get.

    It is genuinely, scientifically true that balder men have more testosterone.

    By the way, there's a common belief out there that you get your baldness from your mother's father. This is completely incorrect - it's an old wives' tale. Don't believe it. There is no mechanism in genetics that would allow a trait to be inherited like that.

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    Baldness is dominant in males and reseasive in females.

    Males only need one copy to go bald while females need two. That is why there are many more bald men than women.

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    recessive its undemanding in the different case lots of the babies of a bald individual may be bald,so after quiet a protracted time each and every of the pop. will substitute into bald that may not so . subsequently it particularly is recessive

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    Source(s): End of Hair Loss
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    yeah whether or not its recessive or dominant - girls are less likely to go bald (pretty much at all in their entire life - although not saying it doesnt happen)

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