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Why do crocodiles walk so gayly?

They walk like they got their nails done or something.

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    Ask one. But never smile at it!

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    Because crocodiles are made for being agile in the water, as this is where they have to be fast to catch prey. There aren't really any enemies for the crocodile to watch out for on land, so they don't need to be great at maneuvering out of the water.

    Don't let them fool your though! They walk funny on land, but when they want to...they could easily outrun you!

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    I'm assuming you're referring to their sort of back-and-forth movement.

    It basically has to do with how their legs are attached. They have short legs compared to the size of their body, so to get any significant speed on land, they basically need to move their body more than their legs.

    Here's sort of an experiment you can do. Lie down on the floor, and kind of fold your arms up so that pretty much just your hands are sticking out past your torso. Try to move primarily using your hands. You'll see that you move in much the way a croc does.

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    As the future of crocodiles is to be worn as a handbag or sling bag

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    I like short, trimmed nails more than I like long nails. The only time I like seeing lengthy nails is if they're painted, simply because I think they look disgusting without. They look like long claws to be able to me.

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    why do you think they walk gayly that almost ever reptile like lizards walk like that its just how they walk they might walk like that ecause of their big bodys try having 4 legs a long mouth a long body a really long tail and water like hands i dont think we can walk right could we

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    They are 1/32 Liberace.

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    I think you have mistaken crocodiles with aliGAYtors.

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    Because almost all crocodiles are actually gay

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