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info about puebla, mexico?

which companies are the biggest ones in puebla, mexico and are any of them owned by western people from europe or the usa? links would be great!

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    I Googled Puebla Mexico industry and found this in Wikipedia:

    Industry and miningThe state has been an important industrial center since colonial times, mostly known for the production of textiles and pottery, both of which continue to be made.[19] Today, industries of various types, along with mining and construction employ about twenty five percent of the state’s population.[42] More than 150,000 small and medium sized factories operate in the state, providing 60% of the state’s GDP.[38] Most industry in the state in concentrated in and around the capital. The most important industries are in metals, chemicals, electronic items and textiles.[42] Textiles produced in the state mostly involve thread, machinery, knitted items and woven fabrics.[44] Moreover, the first and one of the biggest textile factory in Mexico and in Latinamerica, The "La Constancia Mexicana Factory", was build in capital of Puebla. Two important employers are Hylsa and the Volkswagen plant, both in the Puebla area.[42]

    Two important industries are automotive and agribusiness. The automotive sector is important for the state as a leading manufacturer of both automobiles and automobile parts. Some of the businesses located in the state include Denso México, Arvin Meritor de México, Mabe, Leoni, Hyundai-Kia Motors, Coramex Company and Forteq.[45] Industry related to agriculture consists of both producing products needed by farmers and processing agricultural produce. Some of these companies include Nestle de México, Pasan, Chocolatera Moctezuma, Sabormex, Big Cola, Bomba Energy, Ochoa Comercial, Grupo Pepsico, Compañía Topo Chico, Red Bull, Grupo Bimbo, Unifoods, Novamex, The Coca Cola Company, Supermercados Gigante, Soriana, La Costeña and Jugos del Valle.[46]

    There are nine state and four federal programs targeting small and medium-sized producers, which provide training, consulting, trademarks and other services. Some programs target specific industries such as software. One focus of the state is to promote technology based industries which produced high-value products. There are eleven industrial parks and other special industry zones for this purpose. Another area identified for improvement is higher education, to produce graduates to work in these kinds of industries.[38] Commercial events include the Exintex International Exhibition, which is held in the state each year and attracts textile manufacturers from states such as Morelos, Tlaxcala, Tamaulipas, Guanajuato, Querétaro and Aguascalientes as well as the cities of Guadalajara and Mexico City.[44]

    Mining produces calcite, marble, calcium oxide, onyx, and lime. The most important mining processing concerns are Calera Santa Ma. S.A, Marmiparquet S.A, Química Sumex S.A de C.V and Yacimientos de Travertino S.A., and the sector employs about 270,000 workers.[

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