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    The second and third pictures "absolute" to "Absolut Vodka" as a creative source.

    So, it is reminiscent think "compass" and "board".

    "Compass" absolute sense of direction, and guide people to the correct location, select "vodka" like the right choice.

    The "board" is a precise and delicate product, "vodka" like liquor produced through layers of red tape and slowly to savor the delicate taste of these.

    The other two works is echoed by renowned contemporary designer Shigeo Fukuda designs adapted.

    "Shigeo Fukuda" common "reverse" approach to design work, the "vodka" with "Fukuda Shigeo" works to create another interesting atmosphere.

    Its indirect expression "vodka" is not just "vodka", he can create a lot of possibilities, bring us unexpected fun.

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    In the second and third to Absolut Vodka "absolutely" wanted to, so I thought of the compass and the Board, compass has an absolute sense of direction, lead us out of the correct position, and the choice of vodka, as is the right choice. Circuit Board is accurate and delicate products, vodka is through the layers of the intricacies produced wine, let you slowly to taste this exquisite taste.

    Also two site works is echoed contemporary famous of designers "Fukuda propagation male" of design works adapted, Fukuda propagation male common figure to reverse of practices to creation it design works, the to vodka and Fukuda of propagation male of works for combined, created another a interesting of breath, indirect of expression vodka does not just vodka, he can created out many of possibilities, with to we unexpected of interesting.

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  • 8 years ago

    I love Vodka - save one for me for sure.

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