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    smartphone addicts



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    維基百科: (中文解釋)

    Web MD:

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    Youtube thumbnail

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    "mobile device" addicts +1


    I want a panda dance, sweetie

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    Well, so do students...

    Wherever I go, they always bow to me...(kinda polite~~~)

    once upon a time, a student got caught watching soap opera on her iPhone in the middle of class.

    I couldn't do anything but heave a sigh.

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    you kidding, pan

    if there is a worst teacher ever, that will be me, absolutely

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    Frankly speaking, I think "low head tribe" is better by far...

    Haha just kidding @ - @

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    What gives? Prison chick is out of prison and working at a Starbucks full of modern gizmo savvy geezers and Coles is a school teacher???

    How much shock can one take!

    Ps. Sorry Coles I have been a naughty student...

    2012-12-12 22:53:15 補充:

    And oh...I am well into my 30s so I don't need to be disciplined as harshly as a teen

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    Smartphone addicts is good indeed, but I would use

    "mobile device" addicts to include iPad, e-reader, and laptop.

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    This is a strange phenomenon covering not only kids but also old dudes. At the Starbucks where I work, every Sunday AM it is packed with old men but none is talking to each others. They all playing with their mobile toys.

    I just keep wondering why they have to come to see me?

    2012-12-12 22:24:30 補充:

    Can't they just play with their toys at home instead?

    I conclude that it must be my coffee.

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    to bow to someone's authority=eg:-the president of---

    ---submit group.---

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