please help me by answering this?

I am planning to join my husband in UK in march next year,he is there since 2008 not a british citizen but working there as a doctor since 2008,I am applying for a dependant visa next month from India he will send me all the necessary documents at the end of this month like his salary slips,employer certificate,mortgage paper,bank statement,his passport and visa copy and the cover and sponsor letter etc basically everything that is required,my question is if I apply in the month of january for the same from Mumbai India will I be able to join my husband in early march next year or is it not possible within just 1 and a half months application time.PLEASE HELP ME,PLEASE

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  • 8 years ago
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    Does your husband have ILR (indefinite leave to remain)?

    Be assured that the visa process usually is very quick.

    However, the best people to ask would be embassy people. They reply promptly to your mails.

    and even the agency ,who you need to apply through, would give you a rough guide

    When were you married? This is also important

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