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Can someone help me find some new news about Alexander Ludwig being cast as Four/Tobias in the movie Divergent?

Alexander Ludwig tweeted that he auditioned for the role of Tobias (Four) in is upcoming movie, Divergent. The directors said he had a good chance but I hadn't heard anything new about it? Someone told me he didn't get the part, but I just want to read about it to he sure, can someone help me find a link to a website where they talk about the castings for Tobias and whether or not Alexander is still in the running? Thanks everyone

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    Regarding Ludwig's tweet, I don;t think he auditioned, but he was definitely considered by the company. I don't know the status currently though . . .

    There were a few articles that came out mid-November about the top 4 Four considerations (haha), were being tested (I'm assuming with Shailene Woodley), but no follow up news.

    Hope I helped!

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    This is where i always go to find out stuff about divergent but i didn't see anything on it. But if they cast him as FOur, it willl be on there

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