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Told I have fatty liver?

Firstly I went in for ultrasound for gall stones. After 2 minutes the tech said "you have fat deposits on your liver" and she went on about the exam. I didn't know how serious it is until researching online. Any NON horror stories you have? Good foods for repairing?

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  • 8 years ago
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    You do not want this kind of thing.

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  • hocker
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    4 years ago

    Fatty liver ailment impacts a whopping 30% of the populace. That's 30 out of each 100 individuals! And some estimates have it at 33%. And if you are overweight, it can be even worse chubby men and women are incredibly more seemingly than healthful weight contributors to advance this condition. In different phrases, you're no longer alone. Now not via a long shot. Different fatty liver sufferers have reversed their condition, lost weight, and rediscovered their power, utilising totally typical remedies. And that means that you could, too! Keep studying to notice extra...

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  • 8 years ago

    The liver has about 5% fat inside of it.

    However, some things can cause an increase in fat:

    alcohol consumption, certain kinds of medications

    (like steroids), weight gain, fast weight loss,

    malnourishment, high cholesterol/triglyceride levels,

    diabetes, insulin resistance, metabolic disorders,

    and more.

    If the fat increases inside the liver, it can damage

    the liver cells. When the liver cells become damage,

    the immune system of the body will respond and

    cause inflammation to develop inside the liver, also.

    This may cause the liver to enlarge in size and

    takes on a spongy texture.

    It is then known as Steatohepatitis.

    It is best to go to your regular gastroenterologist and

    they will tell you how to reverse the problem, depending

    on the cause.

    Some things, as far as diet is concerned is:

    1) use good oils sparingly for cooking: canola or olive oil

    2) fresh fruits and vegetables or frozen...try to eliminate

    canned with high sodium levels. Be sure to wash all

    fresh items

    3) lean cuts of meat, remove skin from poultry,

    fish is good.

    4) bake, broil, or boil your foods

    5) Cereals that are low in sugar are Oatmeal,

    honey bunches of oats, shredded wheat biscuits,

    cream of wheat.

    6) Use 1 or 2% milk instead of whole..

    Avoid eatting "alot" of cheese or milk products.

    this is just a basic listing. Many times the problem

    can be reversed, if the cause is found and stopped or

    changed to something better.


    About gallstones:

    if there is just one gallstone in the ducts, this may be

    able to be removed by a procedure known as ERCP.

    However, if the gallbladder contains more stones,

    it is best to have it prevent further moving

    of these stones into the ducts. Any blockage of the

    bile ducts can cause the bile to back up into the liver

    and possibly cause damage to the liver cells.

    This blockage could be stones, growths, twisting

    of the ducts, malformation of the ducts, infection,


    Fatty liver disease doesn't become really "serious" unless

    it damages the liver cells to the point that they

    start to die off and form scar tissue in the liver...

    this is then Cirrhosis of the liver. It is a progressive

    disease, then.

    I hope this has been of some help to you. Best wishes

    Source(s): caregiver to a liver transplant patient
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