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Aircraft-Grade Aluminum (6061)??????.......?

I am designing a new product and want the highest quality materials, recyclable, sleek, and light. The obvious answer is aluminum, I hear 6061 is a good grade. And was wondering where I would buy a solid block of this stuff. Also what would be the best way to cut it (laser, drill, water? Etc.) thanks

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    6061 is not an aerospace grade. It is commonly used in extrusions to make hand railing, window and door frames, etc. That does not mean it won't work in your application but that depends on EXACTLY what your application is. There are 2000 series and 7000 series Al alloys used in aerospace applications and there are a large number of other Al alloys. There are also different tempers for any particular alloy and higher quality grades for many alloys.

    As far as where to buy some 6061 in the form of solid blocks, unless you need a truck load of it, any commercial machine shop probably has stock on hand of 6061 or 1100 (commercially pure Al). Many Al alloys can be conventionally machined very easily.

    The more specifically you can define your requirements and the more specific you can be about what you mean by "highest quality", the better you can select appropriate alloys. Of course, the more demanding your requirements, the more expensive things become. If you do not need an age hardenable aerospace alloy, you probably do not want to spend the money to use an age hardenable aerospace alloy.

    If you want more details, consult your friendly neighborhood metallurgist.

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    So much fallacious within the prior reply. It's the Aluminum association (AA) that developed the total numbering method for aluminum alloys and the tempers. The American Society for testing and materials (ASTM) and the Society for automotive Engineers (SAE) both publish standards that then define the distinctive limits for composition, manufacture process, first-class manipulate, etc. The ASTM spec is frequently regarded as business/industrial excellent even as the SAE spec is considered aerospace first-rate. US military specs are additionally almost always regarded as aerospace quality. For instance, extruded aluminum alloy 6061-T6 could be ordered both per ASTM B221 or SAE AMS4150. The FAA doesn't most commonly certify the substances used however Boeing certain does. Boeing will accept material produced to SAE AMS specs, but now not ASTM specs. 6061-T6 is a medium force alloy that's used widely in commercial applications, equivalent to a welded aluminum tanker trailer. It is also used on aerospace functions, just no longer within the high stress areas. Per the Aluminum organization process, 4xxx alloys use silicon as the important alloying aspect, and 6xxx alloys use magnesium and silicon. 2xxx alloys use copper, and 7xxx alloys makes use of zinc. 2024-T3 or -T4 and 7075-T7351 or 7050-T7451 are primarily high strength. You do not "temper" aluminum alloys, you "solution deal with" it at a given temperature for a period of time. You then quench (rapidly cool) it. For the T6 condition, then you definately additionally "age harden" it. See AMS2772 for small print.

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