Help on my speech about Vocaloid?

Hello! I am writing a speech for my speech class about why I love vocaloid! Here's what I was thinking...

Hook: Play 30 seconds of a vocaloid song and then ask audience what they thought of the voice. Then I would tell them that the voice was computer generated.

Intro: Briefly introduce the singer of the song and vocaloid.

First Body: Explain what vocaloid is

Second Body: Why I like vocaloid

I would say that it's because it's so unique.

Third Body: Vocaloid's effect on my life

I was going to say that it has taught me that it's okay to be different. When you look at Miku, sure she's different, but she can do almost anything that a real singer can. And go on with this idea...

Conclusion: Briefly go over what I said and end strong!

Alright, I know what I'm gonna talk about but I don't know how to say it! I actually don't know how to simply explain what vocaloid is and have it flow nicely. And I don't know which song I should play in the beginning. I was hoping for a realistic sounding song that had a good 30 second part from it (30 seconds because the audience would lose interest if it were longer). I would perfer a Miku song since Miku is well known and stuff. I was thinking maybe Miku's cover of Tori no Uta or Freely Tomorrow.

Also, I don't know how to end it strongly. I was thinking something about the advancement of technology in the future or something...

Also, could anyone possibly share why they like vocaloid or how it has changed your life? It would really help me out with this speech!

And if anyone has any ideas of what I can add into this speech please share! This is my semester final and I want it to be the best it can be :D

Thank you!

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    For the intro song I would use part of this:

    Youtube thumbnail

    This song is called "World is Mine" and is known by even non vocaloid fans because of it's views ( as you can see in the video ). You can always search on YouTube if you want an english sub version and I'm sure they will have that too.

    The first and second body really depends on you. I think the ideas for the paragraphs are great and I'm sure you'll find a way to word it.

    For the third body I would not specifically talk about Miku doing "anything" or about how it's ok to be different ( not saying those ideas are wrong, I agree with what you are saying ) . I would focus more in the third body on how the music has changed you and inspired you.

    To end it strongly...... if you want to talk about advancement in technology I would use that in another body paragraph instead of a conclusion. Normally for a conclusion, you wrap up nicely and give a small summary of the main points of the speech or main points of the body paragraphs.

    To me personally.....

    Vocaloid has given me a wide variety of things. It gave me just the songs I needed when I was sad or angry.... and I could feel the song's meaning and flow through the melody. It gave me imagination to shape the vocaloid characters as how I want to see them... either through professional songs or fanmade. It has got me through a lot.

    I really hope this helped you a lot. Good luck on your speech!

  • cliatt
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    4 years ago

    Basically vocaloid are characters created, established at the voice donors. They enter voice actor's voices into the laptop, and created this style of voice program that permits you to create songs utilizing their voice. So Miku Hatsune is the third vocaloid created utilizing this program (you'll be able to truthfully purchase it it is rather high-priced). It's pretty much a voice manipulating approach. So once they created her voice they created each and every special voice's picture, so there are plenty of different vocaloids, so long as you difference the voice a bit of. You can truthfully seek for her songs on youtube, or some thing. There's plenty of them. Basically Miku is a singer, haha.

  • Myst
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    8 years ago

    Just commenting on the other answer: honestly I have an issue with people using "World is Mine" to introduce Vocaloid to people who've never heard of it. It's Miku's most popular song, sure, and it is catchy as hell, but to a general audience Miku sounds pretty squeaky, off-tune and unnatural (especially that scream!)

    I'd go with maybe "ODDS & ENDS" which is by the same producer but much more natural sounding since he's improved with using Miku's software since then:

    Youtube thumbnail

    And the PV features human musicians which adds to the contrast between synthesizer and human!

    As for how Vocaloid has changed lives, look at producers like wowaka, Hachi and DECO*27. They became well-known through their work with Vocaloid and have gone on to become professional musicians recognized by big music labels like Sony and UMG. Also there's the utaite/nicosinger crowd. Many fandubbers on Nico have gotten recognized from their covers of Vocaloid songs and have produced albums on their own. Vocaloid provides a voice for musicians who aren't able to sing or who can't find a human singer to sing their songs, and it also provides aspiring musicians a fanbase who's already actively searching for this type of music and openly willing to listen to their work.

    Vocaloid's also inspired other media through storytelling: Mothy's "Evillous" series of songs (Daughter of Evil, Duke of Venomania, Conchita, etc.) has an entire novel series now, and Jin's "Kagerou Project" has become a manga and is getting an anime adaptation.

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