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How would I change my name?

I want to Change my name at the moment my real name is a females name (I'm a 17 year old boy) I real hate having this name my mother must of been high or drunk when naming me...

how would I go about this?

Where would I find different names?

How would I change it?

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    Don't blame your mother. Your name may well have been a masculine name when you were born. One of my girlfriends named her son Sasha when it was still considered a boy's name, but as a high school teenager he persuaded his parents to give permission and helped him change his name in order that he could take his college boards exams and complete college applications in his new name. He picked a very generic boring common male name, instead of a trendy name for boys. He has been once bitten twice shy with male names so trendy that parents gave their daughters the masculine names. Once a boy's name become popular for daughters, the name will eventually be considered a female name. Think names like Madison, Courtney or Sasha,

    In answer to your questions:

    How would I go about this?

    1. You can start using your preferred name now. It is like being called by a nickname, like Striker, when your name is really Stacy.

    2. Since you are under 18, you need your parents to sign the documents. Therefore they must agree with your decision and be persuaded to approve your new name too.

    3. If your parents are in agreement, you should call the Clerk of Court in the county where you reside, and inquire whether it is a simple process of filing pre-printed completed name change forms and posting public notices, or is it a process which you need the assistant of a lawyer.

    4. If they tell you that they have preprinted forms for you to complete and they can walk you through the process, go ahead and proceed, with your parents' co-operation.

    5. If they tell you that you must have a lawyer to file the documents necessary for a name change, then check with the local Legal Services to see if you qualify for a lawyer for the low income. Otherwise, you could ask for a reference from the local Bar Association.

    6. Try to have the process completed before you graduate from high school so that your diploma will be issued in your new name. Better yet, if you can get the legal name change before you take your college boards or file your college applications, do that so that your entry to college isn't complicated.

    Where can I find different names?

    You could check the websites listed below for names which you consider appropriate for you. You should also ask your parents for input. You could even honor a favorite relative by taking his name.

    How would I change it?

    Once your name change is signed by the proper authorities, the clerk of court (or the appropriate agency) will make sure that you are issued a birth certificate with the new name on it. Then, take the name change order and the newly issued birth certificate to the Social Security Office and other agencies which require ID, like drivers licenses or passports and make sure those documents reflect your change of name.

    By the time you are done with this, you are done.

    Make sure you select a name you can live with for the rest of your life because in most jurisdictions, you can only change your name once.

    Good luck

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    What is your name? If you're under the age of 18 you need your parents permission and it's a long process ~ I am going through the process currently myself and I am 16. It's different where you live, look into your local laws.

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