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What are genetically modified crops?

Hi, I have a science question thing im supposed to do and im not sure what genetically modified crops are.

So, what are 2 types of genetically modified crops, and some examples in Canada of genetically modified crops. And, How do genetically modified crops help sustainability?

Thanks! :D

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    Genes are both the physical and hiden traits that appears on crop such as the colors,sizes,shapes etc.Genetically,crops are been modified based on the aforementioned qualities.Two desirable trait of two local breed will cross and produced a modified breed..


    Genetically modified crops are made in order to make a desired trait, such as high yield, disease resistance, large fruit etc. more pronounced and/or undesired traits, such as toxins and large seeds in fruit etc. less pronounced. For example, some crops may have a resistance to a certain disease that other crops do not have, the gene that causes the resistance to the disease can be introduced to another type of crop in order to create resistance in the other type of crop. Also some crops may have undesirable traits such as naturally occurring toxins which are a defence mechanism of the plant. Genetic modification can be used to stop the expression of the genes which cause these toxins to be produced, making crops safer for consumption...

    Examples of genetically modified organisms

    [1] Corn to which the naturally occurring bacterium Bacillus thuringiensis has been transferred. Bt corn thereby has crystal proteins that are lethal to corn borers and corn earworms.

    [2] Potatoes genetically modified for higher starch contents.

    [3] Potatoes and tomatoes to which the antifreeze genes of cold water fish have been transferred. Seedlings thereby have better responses, and show better survival rates, to cold temperatures.

    [4] Rice that has been genetically modified, to contain beta-carotene and more iron.

    [5] Soybeans that have been genetically modified so as not to be affected by Roundup. The weedkiller thereby needs to be applied once, not several times....!!

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    Canola is a great example of a Canadian crop, did you know its name is a hybrid of "canada" and "oil?" A really amazing plant breeder named Keith Downey (google him) is known as the father of canola, because he helped develop modern canola varieties from wild relatives unpleasantly named rapeseed. But I digress.

    Nearly all of the canola grown in Canada has been genetically modified to be tolerant to herbicides. This is a really amazing thing for sustainability, although the explanation isn't very sexy. A big problem in agriculture is soil erosion - the more you plow your fields in order to get rid of weeds, the more erosion you have and the more you hurt soil quality. Herbicide tolerant canola helps farmers to do something called "no-till" or "zero-till" farming, which is absolutely amazing!!! It means you can plant your canola seed in the field, control weeds without plowing. This helps soil quality, and since the farmer makes fewer passes with the tractor, it helps reduce fossil fuel consumption too. Google it, it is awesome.

    Another type of GM crop in Canada is Bt corn. Bt corn reduces the number of spray pesticde applications farmers need to use to control pests like corn borer or corn rootworm. Not only does this help the environment, but it reduces the number of micotoxins in corn. You should google that too, if you want more info.

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    Crops with modified DNA (Where the plants natural Genes are altered, added or removed) for resulting plants that can grow quicker, produce extra nutrients, that can fight natural pests and deseases, and can become less stressed in its environment. Two crops grow in Canada are Canola and Soybeans.

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