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TEENS: What things do you hate?

Here are the top 10 things that I hate (No Order)

10. Slow internet connection: Call me impatient, but I can't stand when a page takes forever to load. And then it will stop loading and say done, but the page isn't loaded so you have to refresh and wait again.

9.Kids acting like they're teens: I hate how these days you see 7 year olds with i phones and laptops and stuff. What happened to playing outside and playing pretend and having an imagination. I see sixth graders who dress like they're 18, they swear and think they're so cool. What happened to having a childhood?

8. Girls who won't take compliments: So you'll say: "Oh you look so pretty today". And she'll say "Ew, no I don't. And you say "Really, you do" and she'll keep saying no. What does she want you to say?- "Oh fine, you're ugly"?

7. Stupid rap: Example: You a stupid hoe, you a, you a stupid hoe. Congrats to Nikki Minaj for creating a great song. I miss when rap used to mean something and require talent to write

6. Aeropostal, Abercrombie, American Eagle, Hollister: Why pay 30 dollars to be a walking advertisement. You can buy a perfectly nice shirt that actually looks nice, that only costs 10.

5. Kid Leashes: Parents who put their kids on leashes when they take them to the mall or something. They're not dogs

4. People who don't know how to correctly use THEY'RE , THERE, and THEIR and THEN and THAN

3. Slow walkers: when you're walking in the hallway, trying to get to class and there's this group walking soooo slow in front of you, taking up the entire hallway, and when you try to get by them they get pissed off and tell you to watch where you're going.

2. Slang: Mad swag. Mad can't be used as a synonym of very. It doesn't make sense and it sounds stupid. Swag is technically a boquet of flowers so when someone says they have "Mad swag" they are really saying they have an angry boquet of flowers. It just makes people sound ignorant

1. SLUTS: As in girls who think they're so hot when they wear completely revealing clothes to school. It's school, not a strip club. Yes, it's that bad in my school. Some girls wear see through leggings and a thong with no skirt or dress over it and a cropped shirt so you can see past their belly button. It's gross.

What are the top 10 things that you hate?

BQ: Do you agree/disagree with any of mine? Why?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Yes, absolutley sluts -_- like wtf?

    No one wants to see half your a*s hanging out of your shorts!

    Also slang, Whether it's just talking or texting!

    I hate the words 'Swag' 'Salt' and 'Yolo'

    It just retarded.

    People who can't spell.

    Example: Theyy tahlkk lykk diss becausee theyy rr f*c*inqq dumbb.

    Name brand clothes, also like Abercrombie and stuff.

    I hate the stores because they smell like cologne and its dark as hell.

    Just like you, pointless rap music.

    Who tf cares about hoes, and money and sh*t? Move on with your damn life.

    Immature douchebag guys!

    I swear they have to mess with or be a complete a*shole to everyone.

    When my mom says no before i finish the sentence.

    Annoying siblings


    Parents that agree with their spoiled f-ing child on everything.

    Teacher: Your daughter didn't hand in the paper.

    Mom: Well my daughter saud she handed it in! So if she said she handed it in, the she did!

    And i also hate Slow internet.

    When im doin something and it shuts on and then fixes itself and i have to shut down the browser and open it back up.

    Lol these are my 10. :) even though i would like o put ALOT more.

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  • 4 years ago

    Im no longer a teen but i have a teen daughter.. It's a little disgusting what teens name every other nowadays. I have watched her neighbors come as much as her, give her a gigantic hug and say "good day *****?" I mean wow.. When I was 13 we have been calling every different losers... Now not bitches. The one thing that i know from speaking to her and her acquaintances that they hate being known as is "Slut" It happens a lot on the grounds that in jr high or high university you are no person in case you do not have a boyfriend.. Which is sad. I believe that youngsters in this day and age don't spend ample time being a kid, they're like little adults. Even at 12 and thirteen years old they feel the strain. I suppose you should all take some time to discover a good exceptional in anyone and point out the great. You may be amazed at how just right it's going to make you and the opposite man or woman think.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    10) Sluts: I hate them too but you got to live with them because they crave atteintion or is pressured into it and make it seem like love.

    9) Y!A team: they are such hypocrites well not but they always don't do anything when trolls come but they come when someone is talking about them.

    8) Trolls: I hate when they come on here and act like some regular when they just created their account.

    7) Ignorant and Arrogant people: They annoy me really well and know how to get under my skin.

    6) China's government CCP: They take rights away from their people, and tell lies to them about other countries.

    5) My school: It's filled with dumb, mean, ignorant, and girls that crave atteintion.

    4) Copycats: They copy everything I do or try to be me at school which is annoying.

    3) People who are not very logical

    2) People who nag me


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  • 7 years ago

    1 the way that everyone gets addicted to a song even know it is total rubbish

    People with so much mascara on they can hardly open their eyes at all

    People who are really really horibble to you but still expect you too be besties with them

    The word besties

    Slow lifts, when your stuck with whistling builders with stinky sandwiches and a butt I could park my bike in

    How old people say 'I'm just going to spend a penny' when hey need the loo

    That's it

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    I hate wen people be actin fake and think they all dat I mean really get over yourself and I also hate wen people be given me those weird stairs I mean ohhhh I just want to punch them in they face. 😡I also agree with # 1 2 3 4.... Well ALL OF THEM

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  • 7 years ago

    snobby horse people

    slow internet

    gangnam style

    people who think their better then you

    stupid questions

    high school

    ex boyfriend


    flip flops in the winter

    and the name "olivia" (sorry if your name is olivia)

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