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Why does my daughter "ship" things? What does shipping mean?

My daughter has been acting strange the past few months. She's always on this website called Tumbler and talks to strangers online. When I ask what she talks about, she says "shipping" and "oteepees". Sometimes she says strange things like "my feels" or "my cries". She talks about things called gerita, yousyouk, spamano and a few other weird words. Yesterday she was crying because of shipping. Is shipping some kind of drug term or a cult? I don't want my daughter involved in negative things like this.


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    Your daughter is probably just in a fandom like most girls. A fandom is a group of people who are into the same thing like Harry Potter or The Hunger Games. Shipping is when you think two people who should be together like Ron and Hermione. An OTP is a one true paring which means if no one else should be together. The rest of it is just internet talk.

    You shouldn't be worried about this! Most people are like this and it's so normal. It's not a negative thing at all, it's just showing that she's taking an interest in things.

    Just let her do what she's doing.

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      Did no one mention that since she ships GerIta Spamano and what not that she likes yaoi ( not a bad thing just sayin that people are stupid and think it's wrong to like the same gender and for people that ship that type of stuff deal with it but ya know wat I'm sayin )

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  • maget
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    Shipping Urban Dictionary

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    I'm laughing omg. Looks like your daughter is a fangirl, like me. Fangirls are like followers of a certain thing, in your daughter and I's case, Hetalia. I can tell because of the 'ships' you listed. An OTP stands for One True Pairing, and if you ship someone with someone else that means you're pairing them and tink they'd be good in a relationship. 'Yousyouk' is actually USUK, lol. Hetalia represents a bunch of countries which explains that. And don't worry about it, fagirling isn't negative unless your grades and life in general are being affected greatly by it. Just let your daughter go through that phase :3

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  • 5 years ago

    Hey! So I'm a teenage girl and I'm actually into this stuff now and I just want to say that it's completely normal! Especially if your daughter is into reading a lot or seriously into some tv shows. OTP stands for one true pairing and that basically just means there is two people who are just meant to be together and no one else could ever be with either of them. Shipping (or to ship two people together) basically means that someone who's in a fandom (or fandoms or in general) think that two specific people (whether in the book series, TV show, movie, real life, etc.) should get together. (As in date wise, etc.) it may sound complicated but trust me it isn't once you learn about it! I am in many fandoms and I ship many different things and I'm a senior in high school and I know people who are older than me and some that are younger than me that do it, too. So don't worry about your daughter, she's fine! She's not doing drugs when it comes to this stuff! Hoped I helped!

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    As I know from experience what your daughter is going through, she's not in a cult. Basically, what everyone else says. She's a fangirl. OTP's - One True Pairing. For instance, my OTP is Fred Weasley and Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter series. Feels - Feelings. Cries - Same as feelings, normally this happens when a character says something emotional or your daughter is reading a fanfiction.

    Shipping is - When you think two people would have a nice relationship and you hope they get together. Us fangirls do cry because of it, and it's okay. She's probably going to never get over it. It's like the mafia except it's not dangerous to anyone or their health. It's basically where you love something so much that you wont stop. I'm writing this off my grandmothers yahoo but sir, I wish you luck on dealing with your emotional teenage girl. Also, Fangirl means when we are have mulitiple fandoms, it's just a random term. I wish I had a father that cared enough about me to ask this question. :) I hope this solves your question.

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  • 5 years ago

    Your daughter is just like me. Shipping is when you think that two people should be together. If she says "my feels" it means she saw something saddening from what she likes. Very sure she likes Hetalia and it's an anime about personified countries. These things are awesome and not negative.

    Oteepees- actually OTP. It means One True Pairing

    The 'ships'- GerIta (germany and italy), USUK (US and UK, not Yousyouk...) and SpaMano (Spain and South Italy. South Italy is called Romano)

    P.S you won't be able to get her out of shipping or the Hetalia fandom... It gets too addicting and it's too awesome to quit it :3 It's just her great interests, don't take her away from it ;)

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  • 5 years ago

    Don t worry! Shipping and OTPs are normal for people like me and your daughter who are in fandoms. A fandom is when you really like a show, movie, anime, book etc. what your daughter watches is anime. I don t know if she watches other Animes but she does watch Hetalia. Don t be concerned that it s rated TV-mature. It s perfectactly acceptable. The only reason it s rated so high is because of a little bit of bad language and some stereotypes that people could find offensive. Now about shipping, it isn t some sort of drug or cult. A ship pretty much means that you root for two people together in a relationship. The relationship doesnt always have to be in a romantic sense, you could say, I ship them as friends or I ship them as siblings. SpaMano and Gerita are two ship names (the two names of the people mashed together) from hetalia. OTP is a term for a stronger ship. It stands for one true pairing. So I might say, "oh my god! I love UsUk so much! They re my OTP!" The feels is a term is a fandom term. It basically means a strong emotion that you feel that isn t exactly explainable. So I might be watching a show and one of my favorite character dies and I would say, "oh my go tthe feels!" When a person is in a fandom they are typically called fanboys and fangirls. It is normal for us to get attached to things like ships and isnt unusual for us to cry about it. Honesty you have nothing to be worried about! I hope this helps and again your daughter is fine, she isn t involved in any cults or doing drugs!

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  • It basically means when she thinks 2 characters that aren't together should be together as in relationship wise. My feels is when someone does or says something emotional on a movie, TV show book, fanfiction, etc. and causes the viewer/ reader to get a happy or sappy love feeling thinking it's adorable or sad. My cries is basically the same thing. She sounds like a fan girl like me that really likes to ship people she thinks that'll be cute couples like Jack Frost and Elsa from Rise of the Guardians and Frozen. ( I SO ship them!!!!!!!!!) There is nothing to worry about it's pretty much harmless a lot of people do particularly girls. She's not involving with any drugs.

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  • 3 years ago

    Oh boy. Your daughter is a fan girl like myself. Shipping is when you put two characters together in a relationship. Like Spamano is the shipping of Spain and Romano from hetalia. Feels are just getting emotional. An OTP IS one true pairing. Basically your fav ship.

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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    shipping is when you take your two favorite characters from somewhere and put them in a relationship because you think they should be dating. an OTP is her favourite ship that she has shipped. feels are the feelings the characters make you feel when they do something or something happens in the movie, show or book the weird words are probably the characters or the names of the ships from the books movies or shows. shipping is definitely not drugs or a cult and its definitely not dangerous or negative it just means shes a fan of something. and Tumblr is just a site like facebook but full of other fans of the same things she is and whoever shes talking to on tumblr is probably a person who ships the same thing she ships and is a fan of the same things she is. also if you take tumblr away from her or keep her from watching the shows with her OTPs and Ships in it she will Definitely 100% hate you forever .

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