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going out of my mind and all i wana do is hurt myself! help?

protentially have bpd.. havent been diagnoised but been diagnosed with a personailty disorder whih one hasnt been identified as et but i no myself it is. any who... been having thoughts the last week or so about getting absolutly hammerd n stupidly drunk... i cut myself last week pretty bad needing bandages. n now all i wana do is get drunk n harm myself as much as possible... my other half has got rid of all the boose in the house becuase he dont trust me wen at work) im having thoughts of legging it tonight with the last two bottles of wine (saved for xmas) drinkn them both then hangin myself .....i have two kids one 3 n theother 7 weeks... im going out of my mind i have my other half here but how can i tell him this n how can he help me? he cnt stay awake all night r the second he leaves me a lone for a second il b gone. theres nothing that has triggered me off to feel like this i just cant cope with how i feel everyday!! someone please help me i cnt deal with ll this and just want to end my life... i dont wna live no more! i have a tenacy do get drunk over dose self harm im very impusive.... im n meds bt they are only sertaline (zoloft)


autumn - ur right as usual..... these thoughts i have (not necessarily acting upon them.. e.g hanging myself) scare me and i duno y i av these thoughts,,, its like now i dont feel to bad it just comes on suddenly and im scared tht i will act upon it sometyms i do n sumtyms i dont, just trying to remain strong, i am seeing psychiatrsit, gp and being refered to a psychologist as well now... as i have thingsin my past which has made me b how i am today. as usual autumn u r a great help n i do listen to wat u say.... n do help me. i no eventually i will recover from this atm im going forward n then takin two steps bck, but each time i go back makes me more determind to beat this!

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    OK it sounds like you have post partum depression, that means your hormones are out of balance from the pregnancy and they are having trouble getting back into balance. I doubt that you have bpd, but even if you supposedly do, for which someone will likely diagnose it given your behavior, then I am going to tell you, that once diagnosed with that you will be prejudiced for the rest ofyour life among doctors, who have no help or cure for you.

    Instead, find a doctor that will test properly for your hormone balances, and find one that is a 'hormone replacement doctor, or HRT doctor' instead ofseeing an obgyn, because the treatments will be very different. An obgyn will or MAY test for a few things and just throw antidepressants at it, without really testing properly. Take a minute now and go look att he tests she gives here, she has them listed on her site, those are the ones you need and the type of doctor,

    , or go here , they are a husband wife team, MD and Phd psychiatric nurse that broke out of the medical protocol 'box' and became the worlds leading hormone experts and use a lot of natural things to get someone back in balance, since the medical profession has nothing besides hormone replacement, or steroids. So, you can ask these doctors questions at, where they sometimes answer questions. Go there and ask your questions.

    You need to stop cutting right away, because that will be interpreted by mental health traditionally trained as bpd, or something worse. Stop it. You can heal.

    In fact , if this is your hormones, you can feel better in as little as 24 hours of treatment, which is why I am encouraging you to find the best possible hormone replacement doctor , or in a pinch an obgyn that WILL test your basic hormones , properly. They will stil offer you antidepressants, that you can look up at this doctor site,, because they will not cure you, probably not help you ,and certainly won't straighten out any hormone imbalances. It is not one size fits all, like their protocol.

    So, there is a high probability that you are also feeling this way because of the fears, thoughts being triggered by the hormones and the life changes you are in.

    Something about your situation, the baby, your home life, something is off , something you fear, something is going on within you about it. It is making your symptoms worse.

    I think that the outcome of any treatment will be determined , for anyone, by the type of treatment they get, it is predictable in most cases , and if itis a match for the individual.

    That is why I have listed resources on my home page here at YA that I think and know are good at actually resolving emotional pain ,even stuff that goes way back, quickly, easily without pain, and there is even a free version, or professional one listed . It is EFT. Go look, find someone to help you if you need it, some will work over the phone., or search EFT for your area, just make sure they are properly trained .

    Those are the things I would say are the best chance of helping you resolve this quickly and the eft works so that the things don't come back up.

    Your other option, is to go see an obgyn, or psychiatrist, get put on drugs that they will want you to stay on the rest of your life, stay in therapy, again, the rest ofyour life, and the best outcome is tomaybe learn to 'manage your symptoms'.

    I would go for the healing.

    Happy Holidays, you can heal. Go for it. Today.

    EDIT: the doctors at (the drs shames), recommend panax ginseng to help rebalance hormones produced by the adrenals, at 600mg at night. I would say try that also and you will feel the effect , subtle, but notice the difference in how you feel within a month , and take it indefinitely until you are back in balance.

    Of course, I am not a doctor, and I am just offering suggestions and ideas about what it might be , and how you could treat it. It is up to you ,

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    go for a long power walk away from home to get these feelings out of your system, when you can walk no further call the police and tell them you are going to hang yourself. the police will detain you under section 136 of the mental health act and will have you assessed by a social worker, a doctor and a psychiatrist. a lot of people will be put out but you will get to act out in a safe place.

    i don't believe you will hang yourself. you feel like killing yourself most days and could have done it by now. your self destructive behaviour happens because you need to feel something emotionally even if it is fear or pain.

    you are damaging your children with your self centred nature. (this is not impulsive behaviour, it is carefully planned. you plan on getting drunk and then 'impulsively' harming yourself.) if you want to change ask your gp or psychiatrist to refer you for therapy or for a stay in a therapeutic community.

    you regularly threaten suicide on here. what do you want us to do except say 'don't do it'. what is so bad in your life that you act like this? you need to grow up and be a parent to your children or leave them, get a bedsit and drink and cut yourself all day.

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    i used to be exactly the same and trust me you cn have all the therapy and talk to various different people about what your going through but none of that worked for me. the first thing you need to do is find out the reasons behind what is going and why you feel this way. you cant expect other people to be able to help you if you dont know how to help yourself. dont try and just stop straight away. cutting is a way i used to take out my dpression and i used to blame myself for every thing bad that happened in my life and it isnt something you can just stop doing, if that is your way of dealing with things there is nothuing you can do about it. try to make gradual changes in your life not just on e massie step because that will just drive you mad. think of the posative things in your life and try and find some motavation to sort your life out. im sure your children and your husband hate seeing you like this, just remember there is always people around you who love you.

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    Don't kill yourself just think about your husband or bf or whatever. He would be left alone to take care of both those kids.. He needs you. If you don't like how you feel everyday then change it. Theres other ways to help you than just killing yourself. My first bit of advice would be quit taking zoloft. I was on that and i was an emotion wreck when i was i had to quit taking that.. But please just don't kill yourself :/

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