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這是誰的球 (英文問題)


Whose ball is this?

Whose ball is that?

Whose balls are they? (眾數)

Whose balls are that? (眾數)



另外這一句: Who dose this ball belong to? 又有什麼分別? 這句的結構我看不懂...

希望大家可以解答我以上的問題! THANK YOU!

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    這是誰的球? /這球是誰的?

    Whose ball is this?/Whose is this ball?


    這些是誰的球? /這些球是誰的?

    Whose balls are these?/Whose are these balls?

    那是誰的球? /那球是誰的?

    Whose ball is that?/Whose is that ball?


    那些是誰的球? /那些球是誰的?

    Whose balls are those?/Whose are those balls?

    Whom does this ball belong to?


    "this ball"是subject, "does belong to"是phrasal verb, 'whom'是object.


    Whom do these balls belong to?

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    ---Whose is used to ask which person or people a particular thing belongs to:- Whose ball is this?Whose ball is that?Whose balls are they? Whose balls are that?

    The missing sentence is "Whose is this ball?"

    ---Whose is used to show the relationship between a person or thing and something that belongs to that person or thing,as in your eg:-Who does this ball belongs to?----verb does added.

    It means "Whose is this ball?"=The missing sentence.

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