Can I use Magpul's MBUS sights on Ruger's 10/22?

I want to use these:

On this rifle:

Using this stock because it has a picatinny foreend for the front sight:

And using the Weaver rail that comes with the gun.

I know there are plenty of other sighting options for the 10/22 but I want to use the MagPul MBUS because I already have them. Thanks!

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  • 7 years ago
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    I've seen that tried, and it doesn't work so well. The "rail" atop the Tapco intrafuse has some pretty deep notches which prevent the MBUS front sight from folding down flat. You can do some filing on it, though. If you can get an Arkangel AA556R stock, they'll work just fine with it, though.

    Oh, for your rear sight, you'll need a Picatinny rail, not the usual Weaver scope base.

    Edit: Can't agree enough with using Tech Sights. They are incredibly well made, reasonably priced, and the long sight radius is an awesome thing. I have a 10/22 with the TRS-200's (which goes very well with the M1 Carbine stock that it's wearing). Only thing is they take up the rear scope base mounting screws, which means you'll be limited to the front pseudo-Picatinny rail on the Tapco stock for optics.

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  • gbur
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    3 years ago

    Magpul Mbus Pts

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  • Pazuzu
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    7 years ago

    Option B

    They have AR-15 style sights for the 10/22. Hope you like.

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