How do I get a bachelors degree in computer science?

So I'm 15 but I'm thinking ahead and was wondering if I could get some help.

Can you go straight from highschool to a college where you get a bachelors degree or do you hv to have something else like an associates?

Also I want to take pre college classes at a community college to help when I go to college.

If I'm aiming at a bachelors degree in computer science what are some pre college classes I could take?

Also anybody know of really good colleges in Texas that specialize in computer science?

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  • 8 years ago
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    If you are still in High School and want to get prepared for an IT career there are some things you can start working on to make yourself more successful in that career area.

    The first thing is to start taking High School computer courses if any are available at your school. Sometimes High Schools have agreements with local colleges so Jr. and Sr. students can take college classes while you are still in HS. If your HS has a computer club that is a good idea also. If your school has a computer lab find out how you can volunteer to work in the lab and help the instructor. Many High Schools will offer courses in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other office applications. I would encourage you to take these courses. Part of IT is being able to convey your ideas and so being proficient in all those applications will be very useful. High schools often have agreements with local junior colleges to allow junior or senior students to take college courses for HS credit. This would be a way to get some intro Programming classes under your belt.

    Go out and start looking at study materials and sample test questions for the CompTIA certification tests. There are many web sites where you will find sample questions. Eventually when you feel ready you will want to take the 2 A+ certification tests and get that cert. When you are old enough this will help you get a better job at a large computer retailer like Best Buy or Staples. This may not sound like a big deal but just remember some of your friends may still be working in fast food.

    There are two main computer areas of study: Programming and General IT studies (Networking, Computer Security, Systems Administration, etc). You will need to decide which one is best for you. Many people think programming sounds like a good major and career until they realize it involves advanced math courses. If you are poor at math, Computer Science/Programming will be more difficult for you. However, don’t be discouraged as there are many IT jobs that don’t require programming advanced math. Here are some of those non-Programming jobs.

    Computer Technician, Service Center Coordinator, Help Desk Staff, Storage Administrator, Network Administrator, Systems Administrator, Systems Engineer, Enterprise Administrator, Active Directory Administrator, Exchange and Messaging Administrator, Backup Administrator, Disaster Recovery Specialist, Database Administrator, Computing Security Specialist, Corporate IT Acquisition Specialist and Data Center Administrator, just to name a few.

    In a small business the list above might be one or two people doing all these jobs. In a large Enterprise environment this could be hundreds of people.

    If you are not sure if you want to go to college I will tell you there are a lot of reasons – actually a million reasons. The most recent salary study shows a 4 year college degree graduate will earn $1 million more than a HS grad over their lifetime. I’ve given you a link to salary studies that discuss this. There are two main goals that you want to accomplish while in college: 1. Get good grades 2. Save money on your education. Even if your parents have the capability to help you pay for your education, saving money is still wise. Going to a 4 year school can be expensive and for some students they may not be able to adjust easily to the more difficult courses and additional homework. Look into attending a 2 year local Junior College or Community College near your home. This will ease you into college easier and will be less expensive. At the end of two years you will earn a 2 Associates degree. After you complete that you should transfer your credits to a 4 year school and finish out year 3&4 of your degree. Some colleges will offer what is called a “degree completion program” and this may compress the two years of college courses into 14-16 months. At the end of that you will have a 4 year Bachelor’s degree. Try to find schools that will allow you to live at home. Living in student housing is very expensive. The last thing you want is to graduate from school with a huge student loan to pay off or a huge loan you hope your parents will help you pay off.

    Best wishes!

    Source(s): 16 years IT systems engineer in Fortune 50 company Bachelors degree in CIS, Bachelors degree in Advertising 21 Microsoft certifications, MCSE and MCT A+ Security+ CompTIA certifications IT Published magazine author of 200+ magazine articles IT book and magazine technical editor
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  • 8 years ago

    Yes, you can enter a a Bachelor's program right away and will not need to get an Associates degree first.

    It can be a good idea to take community college classes before entering your program too, the admissions team would be an excellent resource. Please send us an email at if you would like to have a counselor from DeVry help you with the process.

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  • Judy
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    8 years ago

    You can go straight from high school to a four year college. Many people do their first year or two at a community college. It costs a lot less.

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  • Rob
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    8 years ago

    if in TX , u want to contact local community college.

    find out what courses at your local high school

    the credits transfer to the community college credits.

    the local community college has credits, programs that

    transfer to state college degrees.

    using CC will save u 10,000s$ in your degree.

    check the state college system for degrees and what is needed.

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