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Will it screw up your stomach if you eat soap?

I'm home alone with my younger brother and he was in the parlor and I had to leave the room because the phone was ringing in a different room. When I came back into the parlor he was chewing on something and I automaticall pulled it out of his turns out he went into the bathroom and stole a bar of soap that people had ALREADY WASHED THEIR HANDS WITH and just started munching on it! He ate like 1/4 of the bar, which i don't get because it couldn't have tasted good, i think he just took it because it is strawbery scencted and had pictures of strawberries on it. Is he going to be sick or anything? I am not trolling or anything!!

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    He will be sick but call ur mom he might get a stomach ach

    Source(s): I ate soap to I'm ashamed -.-
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    7 years ago

    Yes it ill give you awful diahria.

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