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Fish to have malawi cichlids?

What are malawi cichlids like to keep and what size tank to have if I had them.or as I have at moment tropical fish. but wanted to know are the fish I said hard work?

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    i have 9 mbuna (malawi cichlids) in a 50 gallon tank, i recommend this set up because 50 gallons allows for plenty of room for the fish without taking up an entire room, and 9 cichlids is not too overstocked but just enough that they are not bullying one fish. i also have a pleco in there which i am hopefully re homing soon, i do not recommend the pleco btw.

    i use a standard sized sand for the substrate as well as rocks, slate and large pieces of wood (including a couple of hollowed out logs so fish can hide inside it)

    the specific mbuna i have are 3 red zebras, 2 electric johannis, 1 albino, 1 yellow tailed violet cichlid, 1 strawberry peacock and 1 other mbuna that i dont actually know for certain what it is, it is a very light cream colour with thick brown stripes that i call the chocolate cichlid.

    they are not that much hard work if you know how to look after them, i feed them algea based flakes and pellets 3 times a day with enough food that they can eat in 30 seconds (they naturally do not know when to stop eating because in the wild they constantly graze on algea) and occasionally i throw in lettuce, carrot and cucumber that i boil for 5 minutes so that it is nice and soft. some people feed them brine shrimp once a week but they do not really need any meat at all and high protein food will cause more harm than good.

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  • Bob
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    7 years ago

    Malawi cichlids need a tank about 20 gallons and up. They are best when kept with at least 3-4 similar species. They need hard water, will eat any aquatic plants (they need occasional veggie leafs).

    They should not be kept with any other tropical fish than other Malawi cichlids due to their aggressive behavior.

    Source(s): 50+ years raising and selling freshwater tropical fish
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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Malawi is a rift lake in Africa - the lake itself is quite rocky/sandy but both area have fish that might not mix well together even from the dame lake. You are going to find some Malawi's referred to as 'Mbuna' this large group are mostly the cave and rock dwellers and then the other group are the intermediate fish that prefer sand etc and they are loosely referred to as haps or peacocks -

    I think that is the most important distinction to make at this stage that the rocks and sands do not necessarily go together even from the same source of water.

    A great project - enjoy.

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