Joining the Writers Guild of America questions.?

I've been on the internet/google for hours trying to get this information, so I'm turning to you guys.

Basic first question, is it mandatory to join, on google only one link said it was (sort of)?

I think it must, since California is not a "Right to Work" law state.

The cost to join the WGA, simply to join, to be a "Union Member", the site said something like $2,500. But at my current pace, it would take near ten years to get this. What is the lowest cost for joining? Is there a way around this (All to high) price? (Pay to work to get paid, whoo...)

As far as joining, if I'm to pay that price, what can they really do for me?

Is there anyway to work as a writer in California, and maybe stall joining till I get a good paycheck?

As well, you can add anything you want, anything, a citation about how cats are never seen teaching piano, anything.


By the way, the link was simply stating why join the WGA is mandatory. However while looking on google, I never found a sinple site/link stating that joining was "actually" mandatory to work as a writer.

Update 2:

*Joining / *single

Update 3:

...(No, I'm not asking if I have to join through google. Just stating that I looked over google and couldn't find any information about it. Just simply asking if I have to join at all, under any context.)

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  • Linds
    Lv 7
    7 years ago
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    Is it mandatory to joing on google only? What does google have to do with it? The Writers Guild of America has been around long before google. Google has nothing to do with it.

    Yes, to be a paying member, it is a union and I wouldn't suggest becoming a paying member unless you have credits to go along with it. If you're an unknow writer do not join.

    Now you can pay to regester your scripts or writing works. That can be good for a period of 10 years.

    For all other question go to either of the links. Either one would be fine

  • Donna
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    I'm not really sure that it has anything to do with the strike honestly. If I remember right, they did the same thing last year and brought it back in March or towards the end of the 1st quarter. Now whether or not the strike effect things next year, that remains to be seen - I guess a lot would depend on how long the strike lasts. As you've probably already noticed, it's already taken a huge hit with late night shows like Leno & Letterman. The last time I checked, Leno was doing a celebrity first's show and Letterman was wearing hats? LOL. Pay the writers their money!!! ; )

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