Christmas gift for Girlfriend?

We've only been dating for 3 months (were both 20), I know she wanted perfume so what is a reasonable amount to spend? I don't want to be cheap, but don't want to come across as trying to impress.

And do you generally spend more on Birthday or Christmas?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Did she tell you which fragrance? If so, you can pick up a product in that line in the price bracket that you can afford. The perfume might be $100, but the powder could be $20. See?

    If she didn't specify, it's because she wants you to pick something that appeals to you. In that case, you kind of have to get the perfume, eau de toilet, or the cologne. The cologne will be the least expensive of the three, but you might find varying sizes to reduce cost.

    Not knowing your interest in each other, it's hard to guess what your price range would be. Your income level is also a priority. If you have a part time job, $20-30 is plenty; full time would be around $50, but this is all relative to your own situation. You and she should set a limit for each other.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Check out Macy's and JC Penney's. This time of year they usually run specials where if you buy the perfume, they give you a really cute tote or something to go with it, which makes it seem fancier. Also, go to Victoria's Secret, they have great perfumes and you can get the entire set of a scent, lotion, spray and soap for $20-$30 or so.

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