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iPhone running app that lets you control your speed?

I'm looking for an app for iPhone (don't mind paying) that lets you regulate your running speed. So for my workouts i do 6 mins jogging at 9kph, then 5 mins at 10kph and 4 mins 11 etc.

Is there an app that you don't have to constantly check that like regulates your speed. Maybe one that alerts you when you deviate too much from the speed you should be going at? Bit picky I know but worth a shot at asking!

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  • Connor
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    I have not seen one, but I haven't looked that hard either because I can monitor my speed very well on my own from my experience and during times where keeping a certain speed is crucial I hit the treamill.

    I know runner's watches do that but I spent $200 on a runner's watch and it was the biggest waste. I get a stomach ache every time I think about the money Garmin stole from me. NEVER BUY THEIR PRODUCTS!!!

    *deep breath* Okay I'm fine now.

    I use the iMapMyRun and I really like that, but it doesn't give pace alerts. I think there is an upgrade you can buy that will do it for you. I would think some of the ones you pay for may have it but I have found that you have to "subscribe" to those aps. And what I mean by that is they are designed to have training programs and once the duration of the training program is over, you have to re-buy it.

    Maybe a runner's watch it what you need, but avoid Garmin please. I was really dissapointed in their products. My free iPhone app worked 500 times better.


  • I believe that runkeeper does this though I haven't tried it.

    Couple of points to give you a more balanced view of the world....

    Disliking Garmin products is OK but without telling you why then there is no way you can decide whether the advice is good or not. However for what you want a Gamin Forerunner 205 is ideal - about £60 on e-bay second hand but make sure that the beep still works (the beeps do break). Great tool if you are clever enough to know how to use them (subtle dig there....)

    nike+ products don't have the beep so you have to link that to your overpriced mp3 player (there are much cheaper models out there that hold enough music for several marathons worth of running).

    Heart rate monitors (HRM) are good if you know what your effort and heart rate is at each speed and terrain (hills) to give you speed training. Great to give you even effort in running though (slower up hills, faster down) *** opposed to even speed.

    Using iphone if you can't get it to beep is a pain since most holders for them are based on the upper arm and very difficult to read the display there and that is why I recommend a watch based system, Garmin 205 being cheapest at the moment (though might be deals on Soleous too)

  • Louis
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    8 years ago

    I have a Garmin 305, and it has a pace alert. and you can even create the type of program you're talking about.

    However, ALL GPS based running devices are inherently inaccurate as far as instantaneous pace goes. (The reason for that is that even the most accurate GPS systems are only accurate to about 15 feet so every time it updates your position it can off by 15 feet in any direction. As you would expect this makes instantaneous pace very inaccurate. Although over a a few miles the distance is still accurate to within 15 feet so as you travel farther it becomes very accurate, as far as measuring total distance and average pace.

    Pedometers are more accurate as fas as instantaneous paces go. But I don't know of any pedometer based devices with alarms. I have the nike+ kit and I know it doesn't. You might do some research about that. If that's exactly what you want it might be the cheapest alternative.

    I have a Garmin 305, but I don't have a foot pod. But I'm pretty sure I can add one to it. My guess (but I don't know from personal experience) is that it would make instantaneous pace calculations more accurate.

    The motorola ACTV has a GPS HRM device with a built in accelerometer. It may be what you are looking for - although it is competitively priced, it doesn't include all the accessories in the box which can get kind of costly.

    My final piece of information may be the missing link for you, tho. Speed may not be the metric you are looking for. After all, running uphill is much harder than running downhill. So what you might really need and want is a good heart rate monitor app. Then you can program it to do 6 mins at between 60 and 70%, then 5 minutes between 70 and 80%, and then 4 minutes at 90%, etc.

    There are a number of apps that will allow you to do this. I think all of them require you to buy some kind of "dongle" or receiver to get your Heart rate data. and of course you'll need to buy a HRM strap. These can be sort of expensive.

    and on that note, you might find that it might just be cheaper to buy a HRM watch than all these accessories and apps for you iphone.

    Check out the article I posted below.

    Oh and by the way, has the garmin 305 for sale.

  • becher
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    Try Nike + running and runkeeper

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