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If Europeans are desirable immigrants, why did the US limit immigration?

Why did the US government severely limit immigration from Eastern and Southern Europe in the 1920s?

Aren't white immigrants good for America? Then why did Congress bar the door and restrict the numbers permitted to enter?

Before this time, immigrants did not need a visa to enter. From 1920s on, people needed paperwork to qualify as "legal immigrants."

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    The GOP is xenophobic

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    the also closed the door to Asians (look up the Chinese Exclusion Act). The Europeans that were coming by the 1910s and early 1920s were often "undesirables" because they came from southern Europe (namely Italy) or Eastern Europe. There was a bit of Red Scare associated with that sudden limit, too.

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    All of the above answers are false and stupid.

    It is because America was coming on strongly to the stupid idea of an isolationist country. Not because we needed more "shine boys" or "hated Europeans".

    We were sick of war after 1918 and thought isolation would be good. When we found out soon enough that that decision was very, very stupid.

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    Those are the hated countries-

    The North South Question is Europe's racism-

    The Eastern Europeans are so hard working they bring down the middle class- in the same mythology.

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    In the 60's the Democrats tore down the gates between the USA and south of the border. While slamming shut the door to westerf nations. Leading to Reagan's futile amnesty.

    Why? In fear response to the southern strategy of the GOP and Nixon. In order to build a new constituency of dependents upon government. They had not yet fully won over the black vote as a block. Democrtas have been playing a long game strategy. The GOP needs to now do so itself. stop reacting and take action.

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    increasingly non white immigration population. let's face it. when non whites started to proliferate, Americans decided to push back for a more traditional looking America.

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    Desirability is subjective.

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    "Equal Opportunity" -

    We needed more Cotton Pickers and Shine Boys .......

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