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Does anyone know the L&W CODES for KNIX, MIX, AZ FAMILY, KOOL, KMLE and KTAR for December 10th, 2012?

Wow, another Monday is here already. Thanks for looking and/or posting. B.


KTAR 92.3 -- 8:20am ---- packages


Update 2:

KTAR 92.3 -- 11:20am ---- shimmer


Update 3:

KTAR 620 -- Knowledge Drop ---- 0.4


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    MIX Code Word Of The Day: BOOK

    Before They Were Famous: Dennis Rodman

    First Lines: Danny DeVito

    Get your Game On: 99,990

    Show me The Money: The Union Shield

    What Did They Say: Later on, we'll conspire as we dream by the fire

    EVA Games: 50

    KNIX Country Trivia: Equal

    KNIX Country Video: 3

    MIX Hot Music Trivia: Katy Perry

    MIX Hot Music Video: True

    KEZ Music Trivia: One Republic

    KEZ Variety Video: Both

    Discovery – Dog Stereotyping: Toy

    Discovery – Betcha Can’t Find The Animal: Stingray

    Discovery – Looking For Time Travel Tips: Hot Tub Time Machine

    Discovery – Don’t Look At This If You’re...: Cheese Puffs

    Discovery – Challenge: Baking: Your Best Baked Goods

    Flavors Of AOL 12-10

    AOL – Flawless On The Fly 10: Emergency

    AOL – Heidi’s Outfits 10: Bronzy Glow

    AOL – Tailgating 10: Biscuits

    AOL – Soup & Sandwich 10: Veggie

    AOL – Progresso 10: Sweet-And-Sour Chicken

    AOL – Food Cravings 10: Healthified Tropical Papaya

    AOL – Indoor Exercise 10: By Changing Your Pace Every Few Minutes

    AOL – 30 Minute Meals 10: Snapper

    Covering Trivia: Tax-Advantage

    Tap Into Quality Trivia 1: True

    TB Trivia: Canker Sore

    Win A $3,500 Gas Card: Camping

    Toys R Us – Holiday Edition: The Gifts They Want For The Prices You Love!

    AOL – 30 Minute Meals Trivia 10: Cucumber

    AOL – Tailgating Trivia 10: LSU

    AOL – Heidi’s Trivia 10: 2007 Givenchy

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    US 99

    Artist: The Band Perry

    Games: 50

    Discover Dog stereotyping!: Toy

    Discover Betcha Can't Find The Animal: Stingray

    Discover Looking For Time Travel Tips: Hot Tub Time Machine

    Discover Don't Look At This If You're: Cheese puffs

    Discover Baking: Your best Baked Goods

    AOL 30 Minute Meals Trivia 10: Cucumber

    AOL Tailgating Trivia 10: LSU

    AOL Heidi's Trivia 10: Givenchy

    Toys R Us: The gifts they want for the price you love

    First Lines: Danny DeVito

    Show me the Money: The Union Shield

    Country: Equal

    Get Your Game On: 99,990

    Before they were Famous: Dennis Rodman

    What Did they Say: Later on, we’ll conspire as we dream by the fire

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    KNIX Listen & Win

    10am - Gimme That Girl

    3pm - Dirt Road Anthem

    7pm - Even If It Breaks Your Heart

    KOOL Listen & Win

    9am - Take The Money and Run

    12pm - I Just Want To Celebrate

    4pm - Norwegian Wood

    7pm - Night Fever

    AZ Family Word of the Day - Hanukkah

    KTAR 92.3

    8:02pm - Gift

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    Covering Trivia - tax-advantage plan

    TB Trivia - canker sores

    Flavors of AOL 12/10

    Flawless - Emergency

    Music - bronzy glow

    Tailgating - Biscuits

    Pairing - Veggie

    Bacon - sweet-and-sour chicken recipe

    Control - Healthified Tropical Papaya Smoothie

    Cold - By Changing your pace

    30-Minute - Snapper

    KNIX 102.5

    10:00 - Gimmie That Girl

    3:00 - Dirt Road Anthem

    7:00 - Even If It Breaks Your Heart

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    8 years ago


    Music - OneRepublic

    Video - Both

  • 8 years ago

    music – lionel

    country – equal

    hot music – katy

    weekly top 10 – locked out of heaven

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    8 years ago

    Pantera - DAN MARJERLE

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