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Correct Italian Translation?

What is the correct Italian translation for "She Flies With Her Own Wings"? I'm getting three close but different answers. :) Thanks in advance!


I'm getting this as a tattoo because my papa was from Italy and would always say this to me, but I can't remember the exact wording.

It was either: Lei vola con le sue proprie ali or Lei vola con le proprie ali

Is there a reason I would or would not need the sue?

Thanks guys.. as this is going to be permanent I really need the perfect translation. :)

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    Elle vole avec ses propres ales.

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    The correct one is: Lei vola con le sue ali.

    Source(s): I'm Italian.
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    Giancarlo is almost right, he only forgot one word ("... with her OWN wings"):

    Lei vola con le sue PROPRIE ali. -> "Lei vola con le sue proprie ali."

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    7 years ago

    Lei vola con le sua proprio ali.

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    Those sentences are not correct. They depend strictly by whom are you talking to. Werther you are talking in a non- formal form to one person: 1)ama la vita che vivi 2)vivi la vita che ami In a 3rd person form, they would become: 1)Ama la vita che vive 3)vive la vita che ama But you can't use these sentences when you are talking to this person. As i said, its a 3rd person form.

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