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Poll: Shouldn't San Francisco be apart of Central CA instead of Northern CA?

Description: I mean look at the map, why do people consider San Francisco & Sacramento a NoCal thing? Can't you see they are more toward the center? It doesn't make sense because SF to the Oregon border are 333 miles apart! And SoCal is only considered Bakersfield to the border of Mexico, which is only 230 miles apart! In my opinion, Southern CA should be from the border of Mexico to Bakersfield, Central CA should be from Oildale to Yuba City, and Northern CA should be Colusa to the border of Oregon. Does this make sense?


1. Do you think Northern and Central California should remain as is, or should they be resized?

2. Tell me the order they should be in.

3. Should San Francisco & Sacramento actually be apart of Central CA?

4. Do you agree with my opinion?

Write in the answers below, and we'll see who gets the most votes!


@ Cole Cooper, IKR!

Northern CA makes NO sense at all, Why are San Jose & Santa Cruz even involved?!

Santa Maria should be apart of Central CA as well, I didn't even know it was a SoCal thing!

Thanks for your opinion!

Update 2:

PS: Not Santa Maria, I mean't Wasco.

Update 3:

@ Flower, Thanks for your opinion!

I was born here in SoCal, and have visited San Francisco several times and have been to Kelseyville, CA twice. And almost EVERYONE even the people in SF consider NoCal beginning at San Jose. So far from what I know, all my family and friends consider Santa Cruz being NoCal as well.

Even I myself have been considering that part Northern CA until I looked it up on Google Maps noticing that you still have a long way to go, that's what brought me to this!

Anyways, your pretty accurate on that. Southern California is mostly dessert with barely any rain, and all dry. The very middle is mainly plains with farms. And SF to Yuba City is humid with a lot of rain, and mainly a previous forest. And Northern CA (Colusa to the Oregon border in my opinion) is mainly a humid forest, and does get bits of a dessert near the border of Oregon. Once you reach Oregon, it absolutely changes to a very humid forest.


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    It is not decided by mileage to the borders from points. It has to do with agriculture, business, population, climate, terrain, weather and whether the area is coastal, mountainous, desert, urban, rural.

    It also has to do with politics and culture.

    There are 9 regions of California, not just Southern and Northern but that is the simplified description.

    Desert Communities, Inland empire, Redwood empire, South coast, North coast, L.A. Basin, S.F. bay area, San Joaquin valley, Sacramento valley.

    Northern California really begins north of Santa Rosa. But to people in Southern Cal, they think of San Jose as Northern Cal when San Jose is really the southernmost point of the Bay Area and the beginning of central coast. It depends on your perspective and where you live. Santa Cruz and Monterey are part of the central coast, no question of that but so is Santa Maria also as far as Santa Barbara, and S.B. is the beginning of Southern Cal to someone who lives in the north. Sacramento is part of central California at its northernmost point as opposed to San Joaquin valley, the farmlands or central valleys.

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    Yes, I agree!

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