Thesis on the Holocaust?

Debatable, strong ideas for a thesis statement on the Holocaust, possibly including genocide, intentionalism vs functionalism, or other areas.. THANKS SO MUCH

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  • 7 years ago
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    Not too sure exactly what aspect of the Holocaust your thesis aims to base itself on, but how about using the strong debate of whether or not the holocaust was actually good for society and research or projecting space research and development into modern research. You could use aspects that although the holocaust caused the unapologetic loss of millions of lives, from the death camps such as Dachau and Auschwitz, the Nazi's and other countries including the US was able to understand important aspects of space travel and research. This was done by placing concentration camp people or Jews and Gyspeys into chambers where the Nazi's would then reduce the pressure to such an extent until the saw the person in the chambers eyes start to bleed along with their nose and ears to establish what amount of pressure the human body could withstand. This is what helped the Russians and Americans with their space race in the 1950's and with the US astronauts landing on the moon in the 1960's. I am not condeming the holocaust, but instead of being a student who writes a thesis on all the bad things, why not write about the bad things which resulted in better things for the future. The grave and violent abuse of human rights in Nazi Germany and the death camps resulted in a number of pieces of international legislation being passed which recognised and help to enforce fundamental human rights even today. Legislation relating to international warfare the the human rights and rights of prisoners of war have also been codified into legislation and have been ratified by most of the countries and is upheld by the United Nations....I haven't provided sources for you as that is part of YOUR work for the thesis. Hopes this sets an idea in your mind. Remember to have a good solid introduction and a conclusion which ties everything together and creates a lasting impact on the readers' minds. Good Luck.

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