How can I go to Africa and help the animals there?

Im only 17 and in the future i want to become a veterinary, but first i would like to go to africa for some time when i turn 18 and help out with africa's wildlife like apes, monkeys, rihnos ect... How can I do that? I've looked up online at charitites in africa that need help but they want you to pay like $3,000 for two weeks to go help out. I don't have that money sadly.... I wanted to go to africa for free and work for free over there in just helping out the animals. I could even help out in anything they need me for i just really want to help people and animals who arn't as fortunate as others and help them have a better life. I don't want to go there for vacation or anything like that. I really want to make a change for others and willing to stay there a year if thats what it takes to help them.

If you know of anywhere I can go please tell me.

Im not 18 until next year but I want to start getting ready for this.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    Try flying in a plane.

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