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What to do about a torn vagina ?

my bf & i had sex last night , i didn't feel any pain until this morning when i went to the bathroom. I looked & i can see that my vagina is split a little where my hole is. Is there anyway to heal this ?

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    I don't know how big your tear is but I've had this happen before (had small fissures or cuts) and I've used ice for discomfort and swelling. Ice is used after child birth when women tore or had an episiotomy. You can get a wet washcloth, put it in a ziplock bag, and put it in the freezer to use as an ice pack. You should keep the area clean and it should heal in a few days. Avoid scented items and if you're going to use something for healing you can use Tucks medicated pads that contain witch hazel which is what women use to help speed the healing of an episiotomy after child birth. When I've torn after sex, my doctor told me to make sure I used enough lubrication to avoid small tears. Feel better.

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    You can be excellent in a few days. You received a existence lesson from this i'm hoping. Use lots of lube and calm down. Your inexpierence with using the university bus dwelling has brought about you to get a flat tire. Take the time and get a brand new tire on there however take it a little bit extra simpler the following time down the avenue. Keep it blank and sure quit utilizing neosporin considering the fact that it honestly builds micro organism if no longer wiped clean out accurately then your nanna begins to sniff dangerous with an contamination. If you fall off the motorcycle and get harm the satisfactory factor to do is get again up there as quickly as viable. ENJOY!!!!

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    Was that your first time having sex? If it was, the tear near your vaginal opening is your "popped cherry." And no this is not reversible or able to be healed.

    If it wasn't your first time and you just have like, a cut in it, then get antibiotic ointment (as long as it is an external cut...internal cut- don't put ointment there). Keep it clean with soap and water. Don't put anything perfumey or and lotions on or near it. Basically just let time heal it, but just keep it clean so it doesn't lead to an infection.

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    ive had this too, but my doctor told me it would just heal its self and it did that happened 2 years ago and i havnt had a problem since, if its a really bad tare i would maybe see your doctor and ask if there anything to soothe it and make it less swollen x

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    k well first of go out and get some vagisile and then have a hot back and make sure u r clean down there and the apply some once or twice a day until your heeled

    good luck!

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