Creative legend idea for how ornaments came to be?

I'm working on a story for English, and it's a Christmas legend story where we have to make up how a certain Christmas tradition came to be.

My assignment is ornaments, but I'm lost.

Does anyone have an idea I could use for this?

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    8 years ago
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    I made alot of things in girl scouts ( I was the leader)

    * You can use a pine cone spray it green and put sequins of different colors on them and ric rac around it and and it looks like a christmas tree

    * You can take a clear ornament, get a fishing line and make a hole in a wallet size picture, lace the fishing line through the hole then tied it to the hook on the top of the ornament and fold the picture down into the globe, then put in icicles ..... or just icicles and a what not inside.

    * yellow toothpicks ..... glue them to make a triangle.(make 2)..... after it dries.... put glue on each pick and then sprinkle glitter on it. let dry after it has dried put on top of each other, to look like the star of david......... get fishing line to use for a string or ribbon.

    * clothes pins that look like a person ( round head and two long prongs) you can make these look like wise men or glue blue glitter on it and make a ballerina or cheerleader...the round part at the top just dot on eyes with a sharpie pen and then glue on fake hair from craft store.

    * take a jar ( like a jam jar or bottom of a glass soda jar......) go outdoors and find Kudsue vine or honey suckle vine, or grapevine.....put the vine in a wash tub, or creek or bathtub............ after about 2 hours take the jar fiip it over , take the vine and wrap it around the jar.....until thick enough to look like a wreath....cut vine where you need to stop.....slowly slide it off ...take another piece of the vine and lace it around the wreath to hold all that down.... ( go in and out with it like its a rope tying down the wreath.) you can go to and search home made ornaments too.

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