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Painful intercourse & papsmear?

When I was 17 years old I decided I wanted to get on birth control so I went to a gyno to get a papsmear(at that time I had only attempted to have sex with my bf of 2 years one time it was extremely painful and I didn't follow through with it.) so the gyno attempted to stick the speculum and it was so painful that I yelled. After 10 attempts it just wouldn't go in because it was so painful and the gyno was trying to be gentle. I tried to relax my muscles but it felt like someone was clawing and stratching in there. I was kind of traumatized and embarrassed. I never heard of anyone having that severe pain at a papsmear. The gyno prescribed me 3 months of birth control but said I had to complete the papsmear next time. I thought well I just need to get used to intercourse so I agreed. Me and my bf had sex several times but was always painful. Not as severe as the papsmear but still a little painful no matter how many times I tried to get used to it. I am now 19 and recently married to my bf. we are moving in together but I want to be on birth control. We were in a long distance relationship and I haven't had sex in 6 months. I want to be on the pill before he comes back to live with me. I never went back after I was 17 because I was too afraid. I know papsmears are important and I need to have one. I'm scared it's gonna be so painful again especially since I haven't had sex in 6 months. Even a finger is painful for me.Do I have a condition that causes any kind of penetration to be painful? How can I minimize the pain when I get the papsmear? Is this normal?

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    "Raises Hand" I Have. I am probably my only gynecologists' patient who literally bounces around his table during a pap smear. (30 years and counting) I did notice that it was a lot less painful after I took my pain medicine an hour before the appointment..perhaps you can ask her for advice on what to take before hand that will help with the pain.

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    I have had the identical factor occur. The 1st time I used to be so comfy that I did'nt observe what used to be taking place (we have been simply messing round and I had no notion he used to be going to check out it). When I learned, I acquired scared and "clamped up". We are married now, and I nonetheless have a complicated time now not feeling affliction. My medical professional says I am best too, however that in view that I am nonetheless new in comparison to eighty% of the populace, you ought to be certain you're good lubricated and RELAXED entirely. Try to transparent your brain and don't feel approximately it as great you'll. The anticipation is consistently behind your brain. I discover that the few occasions sex used to be painless, I wasnt considering some thing and fully zoned out. Best of success to you, and take it slow.

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