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How do I deal with some women that don't speak at work?

I started a new job about a month and a half ago and i notice that some of the chicks there will not speak even though I try too say aomething or they will walk by with their head down...and will deliberately ignore me and speak to the the janitor and she's standing next too makes me feel bad I ve been dealing with this for a few years now even when I was in college the girls were just mean for no reason any advice on why this happens to me?

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    It happens to many women. It happens to me. Some women just don't want to acknowledge you or dislike you from the start for reasons that we don't understand.

    Don't take it personally. Take a headphone or get up and leave when they talk to the janitor or just be really busy. Ignore them like they are nobody. They have been like that since college, so they are really immature.

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    8 years ago

    try your appearance. you probably look like the stereotype pedophile, stop being a creep. or you can suck a fart up a straw and hope that works

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