Christmas present ideas?

My birthday and Christmas are 2 days apart. My boyfriend asked me what I wanted, and I honestly don't know what to tell him. I'm 15 turning 16, play softball, and that's basically it... When my parents asked what I wanted I just said clothes and a phone case, but I don't know what to tell my boyfriend. Also, I really have no idea what to get him for Christmas. He's not much into video games, and I would get him tickets to the only theme park around here but he has season passes. I know that I am going to get him a shirt that he really liked, but I don't know what else to get him. We have been together for 8 months if that helps, and I don't exactly have a ton of money to spend. Sorry this question was so long, but for the tl;dr people.... What to give my boyfriend for Christmas and what to ask for from him for my birthday/Christmas. Thanks in advance:)

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    For you, you could always just ask for a nice piece of jewelry that you can wear all the time. Especially if it comes from your parents, then it will mean even more. Like a pretty necklace with a small charm. From your boyfriend you can always ask for something that smells nice like bath gel and lotion sets. They're everywhere right now and usually come in a little basket you can keep. If you have allergies, perhaps just ask for flowers.

    Guys are naturally harder to shop for. Unless he has something specific he collects, or unless he needs something, it's usually a safe bet to give him something to eat. If you bake cookies, guys usually love that or a box of candy. Most guys like gag gifts too, like funny themed boxer shorts. Don't be afraid to ask, though. There might be something he wants but he doesn't want to ask for it, but if you offer, he might give ideas. Good luck!

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