is my essay on the poem fire and ice by robbert frost good so far? any suggestions? in errors I made?

In the poem of “Fire and Ice” by Robert Frost creates a short but intense poem by using symbols, compare and contrast, and rhyme scheme to illustrate the poem true meaning to the reader.

In the first and second line of “Fire and Ice” Robert Frost uses symbolism to create the meaning he is trying to share with us. In the lines it says “Some say the world will end in fire, some say in ice”, the last word of line one is fire which represents desire. So Robert Frost is saying that some believe that we could end this world with desire, that this desire will lead to us becoming greedy and at the end are greed for everything that we desire. Leading to the end of our world by causing starvation as we could be greedy with are food, or wanting something that another person or country has can start a war that kills of most if not everybody in the world. The author then said in the next line “some say in ice”, he is referring to ice as another option in which our world could end that being ice that symbolizes hatred. This could mean that the relationship between humans could be severed, that we no longer trust each other and so friends and families aren’t made. In time the hatred between the people will kill them ending the world by ice.

Robert says the world will end but in theory there is more than one world. He could mean that the whole world with everything on it could end or the worlds as humans know it or maybe he is talking about his own personal world.

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    its very good poem i think you wrote i just hate it so much:) keep writing horrible stuff

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