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Ideas for a winter break party?

i want to have all my friends in my grade over on my lacrosse team, like 14 girls..

i have no idea what to do! its gonna be in january, so no christmas themed anything.

im not sure if its gonna be a sleepover or not.. probably not because thats a lot of people.

im gonna heat the pool and hot tub so we could go in that.

also maybe each person could bring their favorite dessert or food??

any suggestions?? thanks <3

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    A winter break party in Jan. sounds like an amazing idea, but it seems you've lacked in detail such as; age, what you girls do for fun on a regular outting, what you girls are interested in, etc. I'm pretty sure you're a teenager so let it be something fun like a pajama party or pool party since you are heating up the pool and hot tub. Also make it a movie night have a lot of in door activities. Play you alls favorite music in the background and decorate. As far as food goes I would say it would be house warming if everyone could bring something and appropriate for the host to have something simple like little sandwhiches and snacks. My suggestion on a theme would be a huge Twilight Saga marathon night. And there is nothing childish about bringing traditional games like pillow fighting and truth or dare or hide and go seek in the dark.

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    the ideas you have already are good. especially the hot tub idea. Yeah snacks and maybe some movies and music. good parties= dancing and music also

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