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Help deciding what this character should look like?

Im writing a story that I'm planning on turning into an anime someday (once I finally learn how to use anime studio 8, which I have) and I have two of the main characters figured out but I'm not sure about the third. I've wrote so far into the story but still don't know what he should look like. His name is Hisoka, and he's sort of has a double personality. At school and around anyone besides Masato (other guy main character) he's quiet, but not neccicarily shy he just dosent talk much but he's really funny. But when he's only around Masato he's more energetic and amazi-fiying lol.

I need help cause I tried to draw him the other day and was like 'wait, what does he look like?'

if you want to read the story to get more of a 'feel' for him or something, go to and search 'KyonSwitchandBossun' which is my username. PleaseandThankyouverymuch

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    Perhaps his mood swings should justify what he looks like. I saw a reference to "Loser clothes"? Go with that. I'm thinking a loos fitting jacket and baggy pants with chuck taylors. If you REALLY want to make him a loser looking dude, put a misaligned cap on his head. or perhaps put some personality into his hair? Like, make it big and all over the place. And lastly, add an accessory to him!

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